Monday, January 12

Over the weekend hubby and I managed to carry my sewing machine out of the unfinished bonus room from upstairs. This machine was purchased in 1967. Is this an antique or what?? The machine was sitting too close to a window upstairs which faded the cabinet. The dark circle is from a coaster sitting on the cabinet, so you can tell how much the finish has faded. Perhaps I can paint the cabinet in the spring.

The machine had not been used in years and I was worried it may longer work. I discovered the needle was rusted and fortunately I had a few replacements. After thoroughly cleaning the machine and several attempts of threading the machine it was the time to turn it on and see if it was going to work. I don't remember the eye of the needle being so small, or could it be my eyes aren't as good as they use to be? I took a piece of dark material and used light thread and hit that foot pedal. Oh my worked!!!!

The reason I needed the sewing machine was to finish Josey's baby quilt. I had finished all the quilting and was ready to bind it. I did all the quilting by hand. Trust me, the next quilt I make will be done by machine. The hand quilting takes a lot of time.....but it was done with love!

I didn't have a clue how to bind the quilt so I took it over to the quilting shop last week and asked for help. The lady cut the strips for binding for me and pinned it to the quilt showing me how to begin, how to make mitered corners and how to finish it. I took pictures of each step before I unpinned everything in order to press the pieces and start sewing the strips together. I learned the strips are to be cut 2 1/4 inch strips and all the sewing is to be done at 1/4 inch seams. I do ok with 5/8 inch seams and can't say this is true for my 1/4 inch seams. After sewing the binding onto the quilt I wasn't happy with my 1/4 inch seams, which were more like 1/2 inch plus, so I hand whipped the edges down. There is so much more to making a quilt than I imagined. I now have an even greater appreciations for quilters.

Here's my finished quilt.

I have learned you need the right tools, you don't just buy material and sew it together and there is a lot of skill to making a quilt. The quilting shop is going to have classes starting next month and I will be there. I enjoyed making this little quilt and can't wait to start another project. My next project is going to be finishing an umbrella girl quilt that my Mom started in the early 70's before she got sick and died. She was making the quilt for my daughter.

Amber's first baby shower is this coming Saturday at First Presby where she is the assistant administrator for the pre-school. The next shower will be the next Saturday in her hometown of Madison. I can't wait to hold Josey who will be here the end of next month!!!!! Get prepared for lots of pictures!!!!

This evening I start the bible study of Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore. I'm anxious to hear Beth compare the challenges Esther faced with modern women. I'll keep you posted on the study.


allie said...

The quilt is quite beautiful!
Well done!

Enjoy the Beth Moore course

Smilingsal said...

Oh Linda, you could post this for Blue Monday! You still have time if you're interested in joining in. That beautiful machine still works because it's a Singer. I love Singer sewing machines.

Renie Burghardt said...

I agree, it does take a lot of skill to make a beautiful quilt!

Can't wait to see all the baby shower pictures, and read the bible study about Esther. That will be interesting!

Have a great evening.