Friday, November 2

Have you ever had a week that you would never want to relive? Well, that has been this past week for me. On Monday our new cell phones arrived. It's always exciting to get a new toy to play with. I didn't have much trouble getting mine set up, but hubby's was another story. He got so frustrated and decided to take it down to the store for help on Tuesday. They told him it was owner malfunction and were able to explain certain aspects of the phone to his satisfaction.

That night was Halloween. CC, our dog, insisted on being outside with us while we gave out candy. She is such a good dog, and all the kids enjoyed petting her as they came up for candy. When we went inside, CC started coughing. Maybe it was being out in the cool air too long. The next morning she continued to cough, so hubby ran her to the vet and came home with an antibiotic, cough pills and a receipt for $194. Can you believe that??

Thursday I had to be over at my son's house at 8:00 a.m to let carpet installers in the house. I had to get up at 6:00 a.m. in order to pour enough coffee down me in order to function. He lives only a few miles away (as the crow flies) but it is a 30 minute drive by car.

I was going to have carpet installed here this morning. After the carpet installers removed the old carpet and pad they found something suspicious. It is in the lower left hand corner.

Here's a close up.

A couple years ago we had a problem with ants in the living room. We called Terminex and they came out and treated the house. They said they were not carpenter ants. The guys today said they were carpenter ants, but they were no longer there. They said the wood under the front porch was wet from a bad seal around the front door. There was fungus growing on the wood and termites would be there soon. In order to treat and protect the house we signed a year agreement costing us $2400.00. That is not the kind of money I need to be spending right now with all my medical bills, my son's wedding and Christmas just around the corner.

The Terminex people will be here early tomorrow morning to treat the entire house and the carpet installers will be here one day next week. I need to call the store tomorrow to set up a time.

Honestly I'm so sick about all of this. But I guess that's life, and I'll deal with it the best I can. I've kept telling myself today God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but boy, I wish he would come down here and give me a hand right now.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Oh MY!! I just gasped when I saw that!! That kind of thing scares me here at our house too. Those dog gone ants...they are awful!! I am so sorry that this has happened to you!! I can completely understand how you feel. Here I am trying to work and it seems like we just cannot get anywhere!! We just have to take one day at a time or maybe 1 hour at a time. Sandy Bless you!!

baby~amore' said...

that must have been an awful $hock. I hope they fix the problem and God blesses you in ways you can't yet imagine.

Marsha said...

Sorry for the problems Linda... when it rains it pours!

Thanks for the comments you left at my blog. Woody is still missing and of course the longer he is gone the likelihood that he will make it back home intact and unharmed grows less and less.

The kicker is that he never got out of hearing range... ever! (well, not before Wednesday anyway) He would always come if called, even if he didn't want to come in the house. Pets are almost as bad to worry over as children!

Hoping this coming week will be better for you!

Gill said...

Oh Linda!!! What an awful time you are having.... {{{hugs}}} said...

Good night! This was horrible!! No wonder you are freaking out!! This is serious money your talking about..... I am so sorry! It sure can get hard sometimes!! Love you. Carolyn

Nonna said...

Wow!! So sorry to hear about that! That is just horrible! I hope things work out for you and the problem is fixed. Sorry it had to happen this time of year with Christmas almost here, but anytime wouldnt be good. I hope the coming week will be much brighter for you.

SnoopMurph said...

Oh, wow. Hugs to you. I hope something looks up for you this coming week-you deserve something really great to come along!

Lazy Daisy said...

I agree, I really don't think this would be the week I would want to relive either. Sending you virtual hugs and prayers.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness...that must have been horrible to see! I hope it all works out in the end. I pray that you are blessed richly in the coming week as I know last week wasn't so good.


:-) Susan