Saturday, September 8

Akelamalu recently had a challenging Nursery Rhyme Quiz which I participated. Can you believe, I got them right and for my effort was given this nifty Badge. WOO HOO!!! I'm sure reading to grandchildren helped me a lot.

Akelamalu will be having Part 2 for the Nursery Rhyme Quiz in the near future. Be sure to swing by often so you can participate in Part 2 and to test your ability for nursery rhymes.

Thanks so much for this terrific badge.


Gattina said...

Congratulations ! It's always nice to win something !

BTW I have done the onion meme for which you tagged me ! Now I feel peeled off ! said...

Hi I am home again!! 11 states in 6 days!! whew I am tired but happy!! I feel better today (Sunday)..... I just fell in love with the beach!! The ocean is just beautiful and I had never really seen it before and the vastness of it was overwhelming! It is like God's love endless!!

I love the Smoky's too but after a while I began to fell boxed in ..... They were beautiful!!

How is Nicole doing and how are you feeling??? Love and Hugs Carolyn

Angela said...

Congratulations on winning the Nursery Rhyme Quiz. I enjoyed my visit here.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Please come again soon.

Have a wonderful new week filled with love and laughter!

Sanni said...

Nursery Rhyme Quiz??? Sounds like a winner *LOL*

Congrats on your cute badge, Linda!

And thank you for the Beatles - you should see my son Luis now... dancing like a small rubber ball. Well, he´s 17 months old - no, I will definitely not feed him anymore when he´ll be 64 *ROFL*