Monday, September 10


Today the sky is gray, the temperature is in the low 80's, and we are finally getting a little bit of off and on rain. It would have to rain like this for a week in order to gain any benefit. I don't know how many days we have gone without rain, all I know is our grass is brown and hasn't been mowed in a month or more.

Today I've been doing a little housekeeping with my blog. I noticed that I started this blog last September and for all the wrong reasons. I was ticked, and this was my way of publicly venting. I didn't know the first thing about blogging. After a few weeks of mindless posts, I began surfing and found a wonderful community of women. Being afraid of leaving that first comment I lurked for many more weeks. Finally I got the courage to leave a comment on some one's blog. Lo and behold, they came to visit me. So, this is how this works!!!

As time went on, I began to learn a little html, where to find clip art and blogging gadgets, and discovered weekly meme's (this really helped me meet people). I still have so much to learn such as linking with other blogs. One day, I figure all this out.

It has been a joy meeting so many women at different points in their lives. Many are like me, an empty nester, grandparent, retired, strong faith in God while others are just beginning their family and are either juggling a career and family or are stay at home moms. I've also been surprised to see so many mom's are home schooling their children. There are a couple women in my neighborhood who home schools their children, but I didn't realize its popularity.

Age and geography has not been a barrier in meeting new friends. I have learned so much from reading your blogs . Whether we live in a big city, the suburbs or a rural community we are able to share and touch one another daily through our posts. Some of you bring laughter into my life, some makes me think, some teach me new skills, some share their hopes and dreams or their
everyday life experiences. But the one thing you all bring to me is joy!!!

This afternoon I took a surfing tour to many blogs I have never visited. I bookmarked many and plan to return. What I'm embarrassed to admit, I lurked....yes, I lurked!!! Again, I experienced a fear of that first comment. Participating in weekly meme's I comment with hesitation, but just dropping in....I felt sooo totally unannounced!!!!

My resolution for my second year of blogging will be to comment. I guess the worse thing that could happen is for that person to come back and say "stay away, you were not invited", but I really don't think that will happen.

And, I want to thank everyone who comes to visits me. I really look forward to your visits and I welcome newcomers.


Morning Glory said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog today. It's fun to find another blogger my age and stage of life. I hope you'll stop by tomorrow and read the entries in our Woman to Woman writing forum. I think you'll enjoy the links.

I'll be back to see you. said...

I love this post!! You said it all
so well!! love ya, Carolyn

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Great post Linda...No one is going to tell you to stay away and I think you already know that!! This is a great way to meet other women just like you have already written. I have so enjoyed getting to know you even if it is only this way. Take care and have a wonderful day..Sandy

Susie said...

Hi Linda,
Congratulations on a year of blogging. Sometimes it is hard to leave that first comment, but honestly I've never had anyone say don't come back. The worst that happens is that they don't reply in any way to your comment and then you just move on!

Dawn said...

This blogging adventure has been so much fun - I'm glad you're getting into it as well. The fun of getting comments is the best for me. And meeting so many great Christian women who are truly soul mates.

Thanks for stopping by my Woman to Woman today, and please come back! The more the merrier. I'm glad you found your purpose in blogging.

Angela said...

Super post Linda... I am so glad that you stopped by for a visit. It is so wonderful to meet other women that share some many things in common with me. Thank you for your nice comments.

You are so welcome to come back for a visit anytime...I am so happy to have a new friend in you!
Please feel free to join in on any of our groups that are listed on my side bar. We have the most fun sharing in various way.

We are looking forward to some that rain coming here. I am so glad that you are getting some relief from the drought there.

I wish for you a wonderful day filled with love and laughter!

Gill said...

You hit the nail on the head with this post - I followed the same path when I started blogging (also sept last year) and it has been an incredible experience for me.

By the way, I loved the layout of your blog so much when I first saw it that I went and got my blog "pimped" too.

Renee's Ramblings said...

What a great post! You really hit the nail on the head (so to speak). I started blogging the same way (after a friend had been encouraging me to blog for over a year!) I am so glad that you started blogging and that I have met you (again, so to speak-LOL!) I truly enjoy your blog and our friendship! Thanks so much for you and your dtr's email! Have a wonderful weekend.