Thursday, July 19

Little Black Dress Approved

How often do you read the warnings, directions and ingredients on the toiletries you use everyday? I don't!! I'm not the type of person who is married to any one brand of deodorant, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner or tooth paste. The other day while picking up a few of these toiletries, I chose Degree deodorant. When choosing a deodorant I want a clear gel that does not leave a white residue and is fragrance free. This particular deodorant is a solid with a light fragrance, but since it said "Little Black Dress Approved" I thought I would give it a try.

I have to say it works very well. I have no complaint, but I wish it was totally fragrance free. The other morning I grabbed my Degree and noticed it said "pure oxygen with TriClear" on the front of the container. Had I not noticed this message, I would never have thought to look at the warning label. It is written under the white check mark. Wondering what that was I checked the drug facts on the back of the container. The ingredients were chemical names which didn't help.

But, here is the reason for this post.

Under the warnings was the expected language:

For external use only - would someone actually try to eat or insert this product somewhere?
Do not use on broken skin
Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease
Stop use if iteration or rash appears
Keep out of reach of children

Wait a minute, what did that say, Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease. OK, what the heck is this all about? Did you notice this warning was sandwiched in between the other four? I looked for other deodorants in my drawer and found my almost empty Secret, it said the same thing. I pulled out hubby's Old Spice, and lo and behold, it said the same thing too.

On Monday while I was at the hospital visiting my friend and her husband, I told her about this discovery. Being the smart person she is, she told me it was probably because it is an antiperspirant deodorant and they can clog your pores. Well folks, I have used antiperspirant deodorants all my life, and yes, all the one mentioned in this post are antiperspirant deodorants. I thought they were best. The next time I am at the drug store I will check the deodorants to see if this same warning label is on them. You would think if a product could cause a serious problem it would be common knowledge.

Perhaps this isn't any more serious than side affects of the over the counter drugs we use on a frequent basis such as aspirin.

BTW, my friend's husband came through his heart cath this morning with flying colors. The next step will be scheduling his heart valve replacement.

And as for me, I'm having my stress test tomorrow morning.

One final thing, I probably took 20 pictures of that Degree container and could not get one without the glare. I took it in the light, in the dark, with a flash and without, I just couldn't do it Sam I Am.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

They probably have some secret way that you cannot take a picture of!! Linda, I just went and checked all of ours out. I found one that did not say kidney disease and that was MIke's Right Guard DEODORANT not ANTI-PER. It does not say a thing about kidney disease. I guess maybe it is just one the Anti-perspirant ones. Now I have to go see at the store too. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Off into the shower room now to check - must remember to take my spectacles with me - I don't usually, they somehow get in the way when I cleanse my face and brush my teeth. And who wants to see themselves last thing at night? That's how these toiletry manufacturers are getting away with it...we must all wear our specs in the shower room as well as the supermarket! I will report back tomorrow. said...

Well, Who knew!!!

I will be thinking about you in the morning! Let us know how it goes....

Amazing Gracie said...

Here's a thought: maybe two people out of the 35,000,000+ that have used antiperspirants have developed some sort of problem. Well, here come the company lawyers, who feel the urge to put a "product liability" warning on the label - just in case. Go on line and do some investigating first, it's probably just a legal thing. We're in such a litigious society, doncha know... (;^)

Skittles said...

My husband was told to just get deodorant and so was my daughter. Neither of them have kidney probs though. It does make one wonder though we you find a warning like that!

Good luck with your stress test. I last a whole 32 seconds on the treadmill when I had one a few years ago. Haha! They ended up having to give me an injection and do the test that way.

Anonymous said...

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