Saturday, May 19

Daily Meds

This morning as I was preparing my medications for the week, I thought of the commercial featuring Sally Fields pimping the drug Boniva. She is talking about her friend who must set aside time every day to take her osteoporosis medication. She goes on to say how she told her friend about once monthly Boniva. I guess what I find so funny about this commercial is that I must set aside time every day to take 10 drugs. And, I set aside time once a week to fill my little container so I don't have to open 10 bottles every day. Five of these pills are prescriptions for my heart, plus one aspirin, calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and fish oil. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the pharmacist could prepare a cocktail of all our medications to take once daily?


jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
My husband and I laugh about that commercial every time it's on. Your pill collection looks just like my parents'. There go I in just a little while!

jmb said...

Hi Linda,

I wanted to comment on your tea post but comments were turned off. So I came down and read this one too.

Well you do have to take a lot of things. Sorry you need stuff for your heart but if it keeps you going strong you can swallow anything right.

I am so far healthy and have no prescription medications to take but I take 7 different tablets or capsules to keep me so.

One big capsule might be too big to swallow!

Anyway, about the tea shop. It looks really lovely. I only drink tea, never coffee, and I think afternoon tea is a necessity.

Did they give you watercress sandwiches with scones and cream and jam?

Thanks for visiting my Alaska posts, fellow over 50 (me I'm over 70) blogger.