Saturday, May 19

Tea Time

Yesterday I met a couple girlfriends at a local tea room for lunch. This particular tea room has only been open a few months. The tea room requires reservations and is always packed. The pictures I've taken were after the lunch time rush hours. We sat at that table in the window.

This tea room is located in South Charleston, WV. I lived for 30 years in South Charleston before we built a home in Hurricane, WV. As you can see by the pictures the tables are elegantly covered with yellow print table cloths, and dressed with linen napkins and dainty tea cups. Going to a tea room gives me the feeling of being pampered.

This is my friend Alicia. As you can see behind her, the tables are covered with yellow print tablecloths and dressed with linen napkins and tea cups made of fine china.

This is my friend Jill. Behind her is a lovely reproduction of an antique secretary and a welcoming table and guest book. I noticed one of the names in the guest book were from England. They must have been visiting friends in the area.

Here's yours truly. Lots of exciting stuff behind me... Alicia had recently returned from an art retreat in Ohio where she learned some tricks to collage. She brought a couple pieces to show off her handy work. (Why didn't I take of picture....I forgot about my camera until after lunch). After lunch, Jill and I walked across the street to browse through an antique store. I really enjoy my friends!

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Linda said...

From one Linda to another, "Hi." The Tea Room looks lovely and like such fun. Someday I'll have time to do those things. Right now, it's all about raising teenagers. Fun feast!