Sunday, March 18

Back from Charlotte

It was a wonderful trip to Charlotte. Carson and Campbell had soccer practice on Wednesday evening. Carson, on the left is learning to dribble the ball across the field. Carson will be six on Easter Sunday.

Campbell, on the right, is making a running kick across field. He turned four in January. Watching the coach, their Dad, trying to teach an organized sport to four and five year olds was a treat all by itself. I was very surprised how attentive the children were to the instructions.

This is Caison. She turned two in December. If you have been
keeping track of the kids ages, you realize the kids were born within five years. For five years my daughter was either pregnant or breast feeding. As you can tell, Caison loves her Blues Clue puppy. She will wrestle with Blue while giggling to the top of her voice. While I was taking pictures of the kids playing in front of their house, Caison kept jumping in front of the camera. She's such a ham! She has a bad case of chapped lips from sucking on her Binky.
This is my beautiful daughter, Nicole, behind those Foster Grant Sunglasses. She has her hands full taking care of these three babies. She is so organized that the day goes by very smoothly. She calls it "organized chaos". I told her she should start of blog on organization. Maybe she will when all the kids get in school. Right now every minute of every day is budgeted down to the nanosecond. Another day I'll write about her schedule.
While visiting, I made my famous pepperoni rolls with the help of Nicole and Caison. The boys were in school the morning of the baking. I suggested freezing half of the rolls so they would not go bad. They were such a success, they were gone in two days.
It gets harder and harder to leave my grand babies. When I was packing my car, Carson began to cry, then I began to cry. I wish we lived closer so I could see them more often. My drive back to West Virginia was less than pleasant. I ran into rain in northern North Carolina. I stopped in Virginia for gas and a potty break. Thank goodness for the stop. Shortly after getting back on the road the traffic stopped. I inched my way for several miles. Virginia is conducting a major renovation of its first tunnel heading north on I 77. That delay cost me almost an hour. As I said earlier.....thank goodness for that potty break! That delay, along with the rain made the trip more than 6 hours.
I apologize for the positioning of the photos. I have fought with this all morning. What would look correct in compose mode would be wacky in published mode. I just give up!! Sorry.....


Mary said...

Wonderful pictures--beautiful grandkids! One of the many advantages of retirement is that you're able to visit them whenever you miss them too much.

Mauigirl52 said...

Your pictures look great! I always have trouble posting pictures and I haven't figured out how to easily position them myself. I think they look fine and your grandkids are adorable.

the night owl said...

Your daughter is beautiful, and your grands are cuties!! I have problems
getting my pictures in my blog.Maybe I will get better , as time goes by.
come over and visit. Baba