Monday, March 12

Off to Charlotte

I've discovered I have a blogging problem. Each day I sit down to make a post, but think, I should see what's going on across the net. The next thing I know 2 hours have passed. I sign off and jump into doing a few chores and feeling guilty for wasting so much time. But you know, if I enjoy reading blogs I shouldn't feel guilty. Right?

Tomorrow morning I'm headed for Charlotte to see my grand babies. I haven't seen them since Christmas. The boys, Carson and Campbell are beginning soccer and I'll have the opportunity to go to their practice Wednesday evening. I'll be sure to bring back lots of pictures. I'm driving by myself. Hubby doesn't want to put CC in the kennel. I still have to pull together a few things for the trip. If I didn't spend so much time reading blogs I would have more time to post.


jmb said...

Oh the pressure of it.
I used to spend far too much time reading blogs, mostly medblogs, but then I started my own blog, for who knows what reason. I seem to have been able to post every day but now am running out of ideas. Well not totally, but it takes me a long time to write a post and polish it (although you wouldn't think so to read it)so now I am falling behind in my reading of blogs and my books as well.
Have a good trip

the night owl said...

Have Fun with the Grands!! I have 13 Grandkids .. I retired early also, and got into this blogging world.Come see me. Baba