Thursday, February 15

Valentine's Day

Hubby came through this year! Usually I receive a teddy bear which I love, but there's only so much room for bears. We didn't celebrate the day in any way. Our anniversary is February 23 so we always celebrate between the 14th and 23rd. Two events with one swipe.
It's the same way with our birthdays. Mine is October 2 and his September 28, so we celebrate both birthdays on September 30 or Oct. 1. Can you tell he's not much into celebrations?
Anyway, I'm glad Valentine's Day is over. I was single for 10 years between my first marriage and this one. During those 10 years I wasn't dating on many, many Valentine's Day. Being a single woman and not having flowers sent to the office was horrifying. The looks, the name it. Since then, I have found this "holiday" if that is what you want to call it, just another way for Hallmark to make a few extra bucks. What don't they have "Singles Day"? I could really go off on this subject but I won't. Let's just look forward to some great sales on Monday, President's Day.

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Mary said...

Nice blog! I especially like the ticker on top.