Tuesday, February 20

Beauty Shop or Chop Shop

I haven’t had a hair cut since the week before Christmas. I called my salon this morning and was able to get an appointment this afternoon. With all the snow we have had these past couple weeks I have felt it wasn’t that important to risk the drive on ice and snow.

Since I wanted something a little bit different, I searched the internet for a picture before going. I didn't want anything drastic, mostly a little shorter with a few more layers. I find I need more height in my old age. I’m certain the lady gave me a decent cut, but there was no way I could run my errands after the appointment. I ran home, pulled out my blow dryer, dampened my hair and tried to restyle it the best I could. Then I ran my errands.

Why do we call our salon a beauty shop? It’s my opinion we should call them the chop shops. In my 59 years I must say I have only had one good haircut. That took place in Washington, DC about 10 years ago. I was there for a meeting and had a little extra time one afternoon. I was planning on going to the Elizabeth Arden Salon even though it was several blocks from my hotel. I asked the concierge for assistance in arranging an appointment and with transportation. She asked what services I was wanting from Elizabeth Arden’s. She suggested Cristophe’s that was located across the street from my hotel. She told me she was sure she would be able to arrange an appointment with one of Cristophe’s stylists. Cristophe himself is booked up weeks ahead of time. I agreed and excited about getting a real professional makeover.

When I arrived I learned Cristophe was at the chair beside mine. At that time he shared his time between DC and Beverly Hills. My stylist was putting on a big production with her styling techniques. I guess that was because her boss was right beside her. I loved my new hairdo and everyone at the meeting asked me where I had my hair done. Several other ladies made appointments for the next day.

In case the name Cristophe does not ring a bell for you, let me refresh your memory. Back when Bill Clinton was President he had his hair cut aboard Air Force One while it sat on the runway in DC. Remember all the press over the famous $200.00 haircut? The stylist was Cristophe.

Believe me I didn’t pay $200 for my haircut, but I didn’t have Cristophe as my stylist. I did pay more than I have ever paid for a haircut, but it was worth it.

As for my haircut today, I’m sure it will be ok when I shampoo and style it myself tomorrow.



Hair cuts are a pain in the rear, aren't they? Kind of like a crap shoot...
When I was working, I kept mine short which meant a cut every four weeks; I haven't had it cut in a year and a half! Part of me wants to do a "Britney," and the other part wants to keep going because it's kind of nice to just pull it up and not worry about the gel, etc. But short is quicker, too.
HAIR! What a pain!!!

DellaB said...

Hi Linda, I'm DellaB from turningsixty, doing my first rounds of the over50's blogroll.

About haircuts, this has been an ongoing saga of my life, you see I have VERY curly hair, well, it's frizzy really I suppose you could say, anyway, can you imagine the trouble I have had over the years finding somebody to cut it properly? Usually takes about 2 years, every time I move.

Love your blog - not boring - will be back for a longer read, just popped in to make contact and say hello...

Mary said...

I'll be visiting my own Little Chop Shop of Horrors over the weekend. Since I have short hair, I need to get a haircut every four weeks. It's amazing how quickly short hair can get very sloppy looking!

Marcia said...

I think there are more bad haircuts out there than good. My worst experience was a 'go for it' on our anniversary years ago. . It was a horrid thing. . . I, too, rushed home to try to do something with it. One of my best was a "go for it" in Key West, what a great result! I just let mine go long again. One day I will "go for it" again. . let my daughter-in-law try it.