Tuesday, February 13

Valentine's Day

All grandmothers think their grandchildren are the smartest, best looking, most adorable, most clever, and on and on. I just want to let everyone know that my grandchildren really are all the above ;)

Meet Campbell, my middle grandson. Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I thought it was appropriate to post his Valentine picture. This is actually his 4 year old picture. His birthday was on January 6. While he was home for Christmas I asked him what in the world could I buy him for his birthday since he got so many presents for Christmas? Without missing a beat he answered with such enthusiasm, “Annie and Clarabelle….the wooden ones!!!” Not being well versed in Thomas, I didn’t know who Annie and Clarabelle were, but he soon explained it all to me.

My daughter is really going to have her hands full with this one when he gets older. You can almost see the mischievousness oozing out of his pores. He is such a sweet little boy and embraces life to the fullest. He’s going to be one of those upbeat persons that everyone enjoys being around.

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Marcia said...

What an adorable child, his face is just full of life.