Monday, July 6

Catching Up

I wrote this post last evening and am posting it now since my camera is now recharged so I could upload the pictures.

Almost another month has gone by since my last post. I truly am trying to get back to blogging but life has been standing in the way. I've been taking a few pictures in hopes of obtaining inspiration to blog.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday. As most of America was having hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, etc. on the grill, hubby and I had crab legs. By dinner time it was beginning to rain and I suggested the crab legs. They were sooooo gooood! I can't remember the last time I prepared crab legs. I bought them about a week ago not thinking we would be eating them on the 4th.

This evening I was out in the garage when I saw a bird fly into hubby's truck that was sitting on the driveway. I walked over to make sure it was ok. It was a baby who looked as if this may have been his first flight. His feathers were fluffy which is a good indicator for his age. The poor little thing just sat there looking at me without too much fear.

Mom was sitting in the tree beside the truck and was chirping constantly as if to tell the baby to get away from me.

Later it waddled into the garage and my dog CC had just come out to see what we were doing. You can see from this picture the little bird is still learning to walk, let along fly.

When CC saw the bird she was very curious and approached the bird with caution.

Just as the perfect shot presented itself my battery went dead. CC almost nose to nose with the bird. I ran into the house to grab my point and shoot camera but the battery was dead on it too. I was surprised the bird wasn't afraid and of course CC was just curious. Had the bird made a move CC would have run to get into the house.

Ok, 45 minutes has now gone by. I wanted to double check if hubby had closed the garage door when we came in. Not....when I reached out to close the door I could hear the baby somewhere in the garage and Mom and Dad were flying hysterically in front of the garage door. I could hear the bird chipping but couldn't find it. Finally I saw the lawn mover bag move and knew the bird was inside the bag. I've never taken that thing off and when I started moving it about the baby started screaming and Mom and Dad where flying into the garage squawking at me. The bird got out the flew behind some containers on the floor. To hurry up this story, I was finally able to encourage it out of the garage by gently moving it with a feather duster. The family is back together and I'm pooped!

I feel like I preformed a huge heroic task since I'm afraid of birds.


Renee said...

You are heroic ~ one family together again because of your efforts! Glad you had a great fourth of July.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda!

Oh, sorry I missed this update, but I was gone from Saturday through Tuesday evening, then today I went in to meet friends for Chinese Buffet, so I'm just catching up. Glad you posted. What cute pictures of the baby bird and your sweet doggie! I'm glad the baby bird got back with the parent birds. You must have been pooped after all that effort! Good thing you don't have a cat!

Really good to see you posting again, Linda!

Welcome back hugs,


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Linda, what a cute story. I love birds so it is good that you were brave enough to help that little one out. I have had a lot of "run ins" with mama birds. I hate to see those little ones just sitting there. Glad that the family is back together and you can rest now..I would have done the same thing.
Sandy said...

Hi Glad to see you posting!! Love your pictures!! Your doggie is just adorable! Hugs Grams

Susan said...

Hi Linda! I've been on a bit of a blogging break myself. Glad to see you're doing well. I love the pics and yes, it was quite heroic.


bettyl said...

I really like those photos. The fledglings are always so vulnerable with looks of shock in their little eyes!