Monday, June 8

Seeing Red

WOW!! It's been a month since my last post. I have sat down and tried to come up with something interesting to blog, but have been totally blocked. This won't be very interesting hearing about the last month, however I guarantee you will have a big belly laugh.

Are you wondering what the title to this post means? I decided to make a change in my life. Usually when I want to shake things up I buy an expensive purse. Spending money is a great therapy for me. Instead of spending money on something I don't need I thought I would dye my hair red. Ok, I know you are probably she didn't do that. In order to prove that I am now a redhead I took my camera into the bathroom to take a self portrait. Before you look at this picture let me prepare you. I have not had a shower, no makeup and I'm in my pj's. I know if I get cleaned up before taking the picture I will not get back to this today. I did brush my teeth, so you won't smell morning breath.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a picture of yourself in a mirror? To further illustrate this I have included a couple other shots.

And, how do you not look like a total dork!!!!! Look at those eyes....I look like I just saw a ghost. These pictures further demonstrate why I won't walk out to the mailbox without my makeup. But you guys are my friends and won't hold it against me for posing naked....that's how I feel without makeup. Right????!!!!

I didn't tell hubby I was going to dye my hair red. Actually, he doesn't like it, but he won't admit that to me. His best trait is he never says anything negative about my appearance. Later that evening we were watching NCIS and he said, "Now I know why you dyed your hair red. Gibbs loves redheads". You have to watch the show to understand that.

So not to leave you in total terror, I'm showing a couple pictures of Josie I took last week. With Brian working out of town, Amber drops Josie here so she can run errands. The blanket she is sitting on was made by my Mom or her twin sister. It was made for my kids. She is so much fun and is trying her best to talk. Don't you wonder what goes through their little minds? It hard to believe she is almost 4 months.

Here I think she is thinking, "Please Mawmaw, is this the last picture?"

Now I'm going to stop by your place to see how your summer is going.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Thanks for stopping by Linda. We all need a change every once in a while and I think it looks good...Tell you hubby that it will grow out in I used to be a brunette and now I am more blonde...You never know about me. I think that we need to do these things for our self way to go Linda.

Smilingsal said...

I'm blonde, and I used to be light brown. God's busy frosting my hair!

Shirley said...

Good to "see" you again...that looks more auburn to me...not red...not bad at hubby won't let me color my I'll just live with my gray....your little grand baby is soooooo cute! I haven't been posting very frequently either..
...hoping to get back with it soon.

God bless.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, your hair is not a bright red that I thought it would be ..I have started having blond put in my gray hair, but I really like my old shiny gray hair better..

Josie is so precious...I love when babies begin to interact with husband likes my gray hair better also!!

Have a good day. hugs, Baba

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

Your self portraits are actually not bad at all. I have taken self portraits of myself, and would never show them on my blog or anywhere else. I like the color of your hair!

Josie is adorable. What fun you must be having with her!

Haven't blogged much either, and am not very inspired to do so soon. Maybe it's the nice weather calling me to other more fun activities.

It was good to see a post from you though. Have a great week.



Mary said...

Hey, Red, you look great!
The baby is just adorable!

Renee said...

Great to hear from you ~ you've been missed! You look wonderful (and you're grandkids too!). Have a great week.

Gill said...

I love the red hair! It's such fun to have a change of hair colour every now and again :-)

I also feel very naked without make up. Would you believe that the other morning I was in such a tizzy that I forgot to put make up on before work, first time ever - I nearly died of fright when I went to the loo and looked in the mirror LOL!

Josie is SO cute and growing SO quickly!

Patti said...

I like your red hair!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

You go girl, I've always told Mr. Wonderful when I lose 100 pounds I'm dying my hair red and buying all new clothes. He lives in fear that I'll actually do it. What a cutie Josie is....we have our Emma visiting now and I'll be so sad when they leave for Canada. said...

I like your red hair!!! Little Josie is adorable!! The quilt is very pretty! hugs, Grams

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

The main thing is - how do you like the red hair on yourself? You are the one to please. If you like it, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Personally, I think it looks good on you.

And what a sweet grandbaby and so pretty. She has such good coloring. I love babies. They are so precious and innocent.

Cherdecor said...

I like your red hair. Now you are in living color. Josie is a sweetie!

Sherry said...

Josie is a cutie!

Yes, it's difficult to capture one's own image.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot