Sunday, March 29

It's been so hard for me to sit down and blog. I've been having problems trying to wrap my mind around the fact my son is moving to Oklahoma. I only pray that this is part of God's plan for him. I have been keeping busy trying to keep from thinking about the move.

Yesterday a friend and I went to the American Civil War reenactment that is held at this time each year. Putnam County West Virginia was involved in two combats during to the Civil War. One was the Battle of Scary Creek on July 17, 1861 and the other was the Blue and Grey Skirmish at Hurricane Bridge on March 28, 1863.

All the costumes were authentic of clothes worn during this time period.

Even the children participated in this event.

rThis guy was more than willing to pose for the camera.

He and a friend even put on a little show for the camera.

Don't you think this is a very good likeness of Abe and Mary.
Mary is a cousin of my friend who went to the reenactment with me.

Here the men are getting ready for battle.

These beautiful horses provided a tour of the grounds for the public.

I'll try to post more pictures tomorrow. After spending a couple hours looking around we decided to go see the movie Duplicity. I love Julia Roberts and have been looking forward to seeing this movie on the big screen. I was really disappointed. If you have seen this movie, what is your opinion.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, this looks like a very good experience and a look back in time!!!! It got you out of the house and your mind off of your son moving.I can't image how sad and hard his move will be on you...when we are away from our little grands , we get depressed...

Your camera takes such great pictures that when I enlarge them every crease and wrinkle shows up clearly...on the faces of people!! Does your camera have a face detection on it??I have not learned all of the features on my new camera , a Fujifilm Finepix .

I am off to do a post for tomorrow..hugs, Baba

Shirley said...

Hi Linda, My heart goes out to you. I know if either of my daughters were to move far away it would really hurt me. I only pray that it doesn't happen. I don't know how some people deal with it. But, if it is God's plan for your son, I'm sure God will take care of him and his family, as well as give you the strength to live with it yourself. But I can imagine how you must feel. I hope things go OK.

Susie said...

Hi Linda,
What a fun look back! The costumes are wonderful.
I can imagine how heavy your heart must be knowing that your son is moving away.
I have one child here in town and the other lives quite a distance. I truly understand how you wouldn't want that.

Smilingsal said...

Thanks for telling me about the movie. I was going to go see it, but now I won't.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

Your pictures are great! I loved the costumes. I think Abe and Mary are good look alikes for the real thing.

I haven't seen Duplicity, although I'm a Julia Roberts fan as well.

I know you're feeling depressed about your son's move, and I emphatize with you, and will say a little prayer for you.

Just got home yesterday afternoon, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Have a good day, Linda.

Hugs and blessings,


Susan said...

Hi Linda! I'm praying for you as you go through this transition. May God show them exactly WHY they are there. And may he grant you peace.

Looks like the civil war re-enactment was fun. I love these costumes! I cannot attend these types of events because I cannot take the loud noises of cannons and guns. Even balloons popping bother me.

Still, I love that whole time period.



Renee said...

Looks like a neat day out! Great pictures. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Marsha said...

Hey Linda... I've been having trouble with coming up with inspired blog posts too... I think it has to do with all of my mental faculties being needed to handle the emotional side of life which was a real roller coaster for about a year or so. Thankfully, everything has settled back down and I may even be getting back some blogging mojo... I hope so.

I know how you feel about your son moving away... you and I are in a similar position with our children being away from us. My son moved last year and I am left here on my own, which is something I always dreaded (thankfully, I have friends in the area so I'm not totally alone). He may be back but I'm pretty sure the girls will not return to this area. If John doesn't get laid off in July, which is a good possibility, he may never move back here either. I have no direction I could move in to be nearer to all of them as they are now spread from Shreveport to St. Louis to Tampa. Where on earth would I go, so I stay here where they grew up. I just have to like the fact that I have a lot of places to visit or look forward to their visits to me. Who knows, something may happen in my life that will put me somewhere of my own choosing as I moved here for my ex-husband's career.

Great pictures of the re-enactment... those costumes are terrific! Abe and Mary definitely look the part. I have a good friend who used to be involved in Civil War and later got into WWII battle re-enactments. He lived it so much that he rebuilt a military jeep and drove all over town in it. Anyone truly interested in the Civil War would probably enjoy a visit to the National Park in Vicksburg, Mississippi if you're ever close enough to get there.

Thanks for the heads up on Duplicity... if I watch, I'll wait for it to come out as a rental or to television. I find fewer and fewer movies worth the cost of going to the theater.

Didn't mean to write a novel here but it's been awhile since I came by to comment so I'm just getting my money's worth today!

Thanks for stopping by!

storyteller said...

I love the updated header and the photos in this post. I've not done a lot of blog visiting for quite some time and am trying to touch base today with as many friends as I'm able. I feel for you as your son readies to move away ... On Wednesday my sister hit the road again with her husband after being in town since January and doesn't plan to return until December. All I can do is be grateful for free cell to cell minutes at the moment because I miss her already.
Hugs and blessings,