Tuesday, September 30

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and was unable to get a post up for Ruby Tuesday. I really enjoy participating in this meme. After my seeing my doctor I went into town and took a few more pictures that will be appropriate for RT.

The reason for seeing my doctor today was a follow-up from my not so good blood tests from a couple weeks ago. I showed him my
latest breakout of this ridiculous rash (actually it looks like blisters) that I have all over my legs and arms. All this started last November and I've been under a dermatologist's care since January. A couple months ago she came into the exam room and said she didn't know what was going on. That was the last time I saw her. A month ago I saw my family practitioner and asked to be referred to another dermatologist. I have an appointment next week.

Back to my visit today.

He decided to take drastic measures by taking me off all my vitamins, heart drugs, anxiety drug, and blood pressure medicine. He also told me to stop taking Tylenol PM. He wrote new prescriptions for a different blood pressure medicine, a sleeping pill and a different anxiety drug. He asked me to come back in one month to see what this new ritual will do and to see what the dermatologist has done.

I meant to tell him that we needed to call in House for a consultation, but forgot. Wonder how that would have gone over?

Getting old ain't fun!!!!


Patti said...

I hope they get to the bottom of this for you! Wow, he took drastic measures taking you off everything and starting new stuff, didnt he?
I watched "House" for the first time last night. Keep us updated on your progress. I'm thinnking about you.
Love and hugs!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

Oh, I hope the new prescriptions will help. I came to check a couple of times earlier to see if you posted, and hoped nothing was wrong. Well, once the body and mind are used to getting old, they kind of let you settle down and enjoy things again. I'm speaking from personal experience! And hey, just gazing at House makes my pulse race and I feel much younger again!

Take care and take things nice and easy!



storyteller said...

I hope these changes help determine what the cause of your problem is and that you feel better soon. I do enjoy HOUSE myself.
Hugs and blessings,

Mike Golch said...

I think it would have gone over like a lead baloon. unless the doctor had a great sence of humor.

Renee said...

I do hope they figure this out soon. I would have felt better if he had tapered you off your old meds and then started something new but he is the MD and must have a reason. Still, if anything comes up...don't wait that month to see him - see him sooner.

Susie said...

Wow, that's lots of changes in meds.
House has a strange personality, but I still watch him.
Not sure if I like it or not!

Smilingsal said...

Whoa, that scary. I hope the new medicine works on that blood pressure. I don't like that the dr. said to wait a month. It seems to me that you should be back in one week to check on that pressure with a medicine change.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Nope I HATE getting OLD!! Did you ask him about melatonin? Just wondered!! Hopefully something will turn up now that you are off of everything...Wonder how you will feel though off of all of that medication...Hm!! Guess we will see soon....

Cherdecor said...

Last NOVEMBER! No wonder your doctor made some drastic changes!!!!Some Doctors play around and wait tooooooo long. I am so glad that this doctor took the situation by the THROAT!!!

Get well, my friend!!!!!

Betty said...

Linda, I'm sorry you are having these blisters on you. Are they painful? Have they ruled out shingles? I hope it's not that as it takes a long time to get rid of them.

My Wordless Wednesday has been posted, and I hope you can come on over for a visit as I have something else I want you to see.

Rosy said...

Wow that sounds like a really mean and nasty rash you have...I hope your doctor will be able to cleared it up for you soon.

I like your blog, it is really cool and I am glad I found your link from Renie's blog.

I am gonna add you to my blog roll.