Thursday, August 7

Thirteen things about me starting with the letter

1. Packet of Sweet and Low - I’m one of those who prefer the little pink packets of sweetener over the blue or yellow. The blue makes my skin crawl and I need to use several of the yellow.

2. Packrat - Growing up I was taught not to be wasteful. Outgrown clothes were turned into quilts, and Mom would save those little slivers of soap and would grate them and then use it to wash our clothes. Because of this I hate throwing anything away and thus I’ve become a packrat. I am doing better.

3. Pantyhose - Since retiring I haven’t worn pantyhose except a couple times.

4. Part-time - I’ve been thinking of getting a part-time job. I’m feeling I need to put a little structure back into my life.

5. Partner in crime - Don’t you have girlfriends that you consider your Partner In Crime? Of course I don’t mean plotting to rob a bank, but just one of those girlfriends you can sit and laugh your butt’s off from some of the things you have done together. Gee, these are the best friends.

6. Passenger - I prefer to drive than to be a passenger.

7. Perfume - I’m not a big perfume user. The last several years I have not been able to find a fragrance I like. I use to wear Liz in the triangle red bottle. Do you have a favorite perfume?

8. Petticoat - Do your remember petticoats? I sure do! At one time we worn several at one time that had been starched to give our dresses a lot of fullness.

9. Photography - Lately I’ve been learning photography. I love my new camera!!

10. Piano - I have a piano and took lessons as a child and adult, but can only play chop sticks and not that well. I will never be a pianist. My playing is very mechanical, not natural at all. The rest of my family got all the musical talent.

11. Pillows - I’m very particular about my bed pillows. I prefer a combination of down and feathers. When traveling I usually pack my pillow.

12. Prayer - I thank God everyday for his goodness. Just last night I was apologizing for asking so much for me, me, me, but then I said, “Seems like all children are constantly asking their parents for things for themselves, so I guess I’m just like the rest of your children”.

13. Puzzles - I’ve love doing puzzles, especially Sudoku.


PJ said...

Dittos on 1-2-3-8-9-11-12-13!! Perfume?? Indecence by Givenchy. The only one I even tolerate. I sneeze at the least bit of floral in perfumes.

Question?... How do you get that cutesy background on your blog? I've seen something similar on many. Is it something you pay for? Or do you do it yourself?

Obviously, I like your blog! :)

Thanks for dropping by.

Renee said...

Great post! Love your new blog look.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

I like the yellow packet as a sweetener. Pantyhose? Gee, can't remember the last time I wore them. I do some work part time, as a freelance writer, and I enjoy it. And yep, I have a partner in crime. LOL.

Hmm, and I had piano lessons as a rite kid for a short time and can play the Blue Danube Waltz, but that's about it.LOL. Not bit on perfume either, but my fav is Muguet. (Lily of the Valley.)

I enjoyed your thirteen things starting with P.



storyteller said...

Sorry to be visiting late … but I’m doing what I can to catch up with folks. Sorry to learn you were feeling a bit ‘down’ with an empty nest but happy you’ll be visiting to help with packing for the move. Hope you don’t wear yourself out and that all goes smoothly. I enjoyed your T-13 ‘p’ list today also … it’s fun to learn a bit more about you. I'm a 'recovering packrat' myself. I love the John Lennon quote here in comments ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Tina Coruth said...

Linda, you really brought me back in time with #8! Yes, I remember petticoats. When I was a little girl, I thought they were the great thing ever. LOL