Monday, August 18

Back From Charlotte

Last Wednesday I left for Charlotte to help my daughter get their house packed for the big move. Their house sold a couple days before they came in here to visit last weekend. They have to be totally out of the house this coming Thursday. Bret had told Nicole he would have the movers do the packing, but when it came time for the estimates he told the movers they could do some of the packing. That's why I went down to help.

While there I packed the downstairs with the exception of the kitchen, pictures hanging on the walls and the garage. Upstairs I packed the kids three bedrooms and Nicole's things from the master bedroom. The movers will be there this Wednesday to finish the packing. Also on Wednesday is the first soccer practice for Carson and Campbell and Nicole's Dad will arriving. Thursday the movers will be loading the truck. Friday morning Nicole and Bret will close on their current house and the on the new one. That afternoon Nicole has to attend open house at Carson and Campbell's school and believe it or not, Carson and Campbell have their second soccer practice. I'm exhausted just thinking about the rest of this week for her.

For today I thought I would share Nicole's new house. I should also tell you the new house is within 5 miles of their current house. This one has 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths and a huge bonus room with full bath and walk-in closet on the 3rd floor that will be Bret's office.

Here's part of the kitchen and breakfast area. This is the only picture I took of Caramia while I was there. I was busy packing and didn't have my camera out of the bag except the day we went to the new house.

This is another picture of the kitchen looking into the butler's pantry and dining room. I love, love, love this kitchen. It is so user friendly and beautiful!!

This is the great room. The door on the right leads into the master suite. This will be nice when the kids are older. The kids 4 bedrooms and playroom are on the 2nd floor. The boys will share a bathroom and the girls have a jack and jill bathroom. Right now Nicole is a little nervous having the kids on a floor by themselves. (Guess who will be sleeping in Caramia's room for awhile?) wink, wink!! And, oops, I cut off part of Bret.

After touring the house I asked if we could go to Target. I wanted to get the kids something to help them cope with the move. While they were here last week the boys were playing with some of my son's old Lego blocks and loved them. I thought I would get them a set of their own. Carson found a set he liked, Campbell wasn't able to find one, but found a spaceship from Star Wars. Caison chose a Barbie dressed in purple....her favorite color. After Target we stopped at a new hamburger restaurant and had dinner. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was listed as the top hamburger places in Charlotte in 2004. Since it was so nice we sat outside. It was a great treat!

During my visit I was introduced to a new wine that Bret's mom found. It's called Carolina Scuppernong Blush. "Touted as a healthy wine, Scuppernong Blush is affectionately referred to as Kool Aid with a kick" and has always been one of Duplin Winery's most popular wines. (I stole this verbiage from their webpage).

I loved this wine so Bret bought me 2 bottles to bring home. Yummy!!!

Thank you Margaret for finding this wine!!!

I learned when I got home that Flip Flop drove right by my Hurricane exit last Wednesday. She said she waved, but I didn't see her. lol I may have been ahead of her or right behind her as she was headed to Virginia and I was on my way to Charlotte. I told her the next time she was going to be traveling by my house she had to stop and see me.

I'm off to visit you and see how your week has been.


Susie said...

Your daughter's home looks absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had a good trip!

Nonna said...

What a beautiful new home! They will get many years of enjoyment in it!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

What a gorgeous home, I am sure it will fit the bill for many many years, I wish them well in their new home.
Take care,

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, I missed you , but helping your daughter was an important event.Their new home is beautiful and reminds me of my daughter's new home in Atlanta.My daughter has her master bedroom on the main level, which is how houses are being built now days.Upstairs are her four bedrooms, a playroom, an exercise room which also has an area for the kids to do arts and crafts with a huge table and chairs; plus a mother=in=law suite is over the garage.They have a four car garage.The basement is unfinished and is huge..

When Julie moved into their new house last November, the baby Olivia was still in a bassinet and stayed in their room for awhile..She has been in her own room upstairs and Julie felt uneasy, but with baby monitors with cameras has helped her feel better..Baby gates made out of fancy iron work are in place at the top and bottom of all of the stairs..this makes it a lot safer so no one falls down the stairs.So it will workout for Nicole and her family..It takes time to adjust to a new house and surroundings..Give my best wishes to her and enjoy many years having their kids grow up in that house..

My 5 year old granddaughter , Emma started kindergarten last week and the school bus picks her up in front of her house..along with 4 other kids..she is enjoying herself so far and loves everything about school .

Well Linda before I write a book,I will go now and did a post for tomorrow.Take care, hugs, Baba

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

You deserved that yummy wine, after all the help you provided. lol.

Your daughter's new house is gorgeous. I love the picture of the kitchen. It looks fabulous. I'm sure they will get many years of pleasure out of living there.

Oh, Lego's are still around? My sons loved them, too.

I enjoyed the tour of the new house. I hope the move and settling in goes smoothly for your daughter and family.

Have a good week!



PJ said...

The redo on the blog was amazingly easy!! Thanks for the advice.

And...from a Conservative family. would be nice to have the ear of that lady in the blue suit!!! I didn't want to embarrass M by saying too much about the "Diversity" title.

Maybe my next post should be OLD pictures of my BIL with Reagan or Quail!!! LOL

Renee said...

Your dtr's new home is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had a good trip.

Gill said...

Oh my word, what a beautiful home, I wish I could load it up and transport it here!! Sounds like she is going to have her hands full for a week or two! It is so nice that you were able to help her pack, it can be a hang of a job at the best of times, let alone with kids around!

Granny Sue said...

Lovely home, Linda. My sons' homes are all bigger than mine--I love visiting them, and they love coming home and sleeping on air mattresses all over the house!

Tina Coruth said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all that packing. LOL

Your daughter's new house is beautiful!! Nice and roomy.