Monday, May 26

Memorial Day

Today is the day we celebrate Memorial Day. Do you remember when we actually celebrated a holiday on that day instead of a Monday? Years ago when Daddy was still working he would brag that he was always given his birthday off from work. His birthday was on May 30th. We normally go to the cemetery on Memorial Day, however this year we went yesterday. Mom and Daddy are laid to rest in this picture.

My brother and sister-in-law are here at the mausoleum. Kitty, my SIL always said she did not want to be put in the ground. When she passed, my brother purchased space here for her and him.

My sister is down the hill in this picture. This is the cemetery that I will one day be laid to rest. It's a beautiful peaceful location. One thing I noticed yesterday, which must be a new trend here, is that several of the headstones also had a matching bench at the foot of the grave. I should have taken a picture, but I just wasn't thinking.

This is just another picture of the cemetery. You can see it is a very large place.

Whenever I visit this cemetery I've always been found this statue to be fascinating. I'm standing at the foot of the statue, so you can tell just how tall it is.

Several years ago, a friend of mine showed me a picture of the face of a stone angel his brother had taken in an old cemetery. The picture was enlarged to to probably a 20x36 or so, it was in black and white and it touched me to no ends. I was hoping to be able to capture this statue with similar feelings. This next picture I zoomed in as far as the camera would allow and it still wasn't close enough for the effect I wanted. Regardless, this is a magnificent statue. In the 3rd picture you can see the entire statue.

Last week hubby's sisters were in town for a visit. These three sisters and SIL live in Flordia. They were on a 10 day adventure stopping at the SIL summer home/hunting camp/ski chalet (depending on what the time of the year it is) their homeplace in Boone County, here with us and then off to one of the sister's sons summer home in North Carolina before returning to FL. These girls are always traveling. They just got back from a cruise last month. These are the one's I went on the cruise with. Hubby's other sister lives in Hawaii. His brother passed about 5 years ago. Hubby is the youngest of the clan.

I've been so busy the past several days that I have neglected blogging and visiting. I'll try to get back into a regular routine real soon.


Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I was pleased to find you had visiting me today. I can understand when you say you haven't been blogging nor visiting lately. I'm afraid I have fallen down on doing those things as well.

The cemetary is a beautiful and peaceful looking one. I haven't seen any stones with a bench at the end, but that would be nice to have as I assume it is large enough so one could sit to view their loved one's grave.

Hope you are having a good holiday.

Nonna said...

What a beautiful and peaceful looking cemetary.

I hope you've had a nice Memorial Day!