Friday, March 7


Friday's Feast is below!!!

Is anyone having Blogger problems. While trying to leave comments on some blogs the comment form would not open. So if you see where I entered Mr. Linky with no comment, I apologize.

Also, comments left on my blog are not being forwarded to my email.

And, on my layout, I'm unable to access all the elements. Only part of the template is showing up.

Any feedback would be appreciated......or is it just Blogger!?!?!


Betty said...

Linda, I have been having a little problem with blogger, but I thought it was due to our cold, snowy weather, but maybe not since you are having trouble.

I tried to post a comment on someone's blog and blogger just wiped it out two or three times. About the 4th try it took it. That's about the only problem I have had.

Have a good weekend, Linda said...

Hi Linda, Karen brought the laptop home last night and first thing it went out!! Grrrr! But it is up and running now! The guy who fixed it said if it did this again bring it in and he will fix it for free.
I was out at a few places with the Wii and left a comment or two or tried to after pointing and clicking and it didn't work and I thought it was the Wii!!!
It is so nice to be on line again!! Love and hugs Grams

Irishcoda said...

Hi Linda, yes, I've been having some blogger problems with comments too. I have to click the button several times and just as I'm about to give up, 4 windows open!

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog about Lost, I just love talking about it!

Maybe Michael might be too obvious but he would also be a reason for Locke to sit down because Michael supposedly went home. The only other person alive I think would shock Locke that much would be Helen, his love who broke up with him.

About the rabbit...Ben's always had a bunny, since childhood. And when he was "torturing" Sawyer by implying he'd implanted a device in Sawyer's heart, he demonstrated by supposedly killing a rabbit with the number 8 on it. It was a reference to a story Stephen King wrote about a rabbit with a number on it.

These stories can be pretty deep! :) That's why we fans need each other!