Tuesday, February 26

Wordless Wednesday

End of Wordless Wednesday


People my age probably remember a time when they got a gift such as a glass or dish towel in their laundry detergent or some type of toy in a box of cereal. My Mom would collect those glasses and they were the ones we used for everyday. Back in the 70's cereals promoted inexpensive toys to entice kids to have their parents to buy their cereal. Like every other mother, I would buy these for my children. I haven't seen any actual gifts in laundry detergent or cereal for many many years. They do offer freebies, but only after collecting X number of box tops or other proof of purchase. My favorite cereal is Cheerios. I have eaten them since I was a child. Mom would always have my cereal on the kitchen table in the mornings and beside my bowl would be an orange vitamin that was manufactured by DuPont. Since Daddy worked at DuPont he was able to buy these vitamins at a very reasonable price.

A couple days ago I was at the grocery store and grabbed a box of Cheerios. When I opened it I found an honest to goodness toy; a die cast car painted like a NASCAR. I showed the car to hubby and now he wants me to eat more Cheerios. He's a big collector of NASCAR stuff. Yes, it's stuff to me. I plan to collect these for hubby and my grandchildren because they love this type of car.


napaboaniya said...

Is that the crack of a butt? :P
Cute picture!

Linda said...

Yes, this is someone's butt! It is not mine or is the little kitten.

Betty said...

Hi Linda, that is a good picture for WW.

I can't remember some of the things you mentioned, but I do know that Crystal Wedding Oats is still putting a small plastic glass in their boxes of oats.

Neen said...

Hope she doesn't fart. lol

I love getting surprises in my cereal boxes.

Marsha said...

Well, that's a perfect WW picture as I am speechless (almost anyway or at least for me!)

Yep, surprises in the boxes were lots of fun back then. We also used the glasses from soap boxes for everyday.

I also remember mom hiding from the Fuller Brush man because she knew she would buy something if she answered the door. We had to sit still and be quiet until he left the front porch! lol

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Good reason to eat Cheerios again!! Great picture!! Someone has a nice behind..wish it were me!! I am still trying to lose it but...BUTT you know it might never happen at this age!! I still try anyway!! Sandy

Jen said...

Cute picture!! :)

Linda said...

Betty, I've never heard of Crystal Wedding Oats. I'll have to look for them.

Neen, I think a fart would wake the kitty. lol

Marsha, I remember the Fuller Brush man too.

Sandy, I wish my butt was that firm too. lol

Jen said...

LOL! That is freaking funny. . . and cute!

2cents said...

so cute,thanks for sharing. Mine is up at 4SeasonsOfMYlife. Hope you can visit me too.

stephanie said...

Wow. Until I read your comment I was thinking "that *must* be a chair. Please tell me it's a chair!" The kitten's cute, though.

Thanks for stopping by my WW post.

Gabriel said...

Great picture! When I read "End of WW" I thought this was going to be your last post! Then I read on... :-)

Thanks for dropping by, have a great WW!

My post: "Soccer stars".

Melanie said...

That pictures is hilarious!
Our Happy Happenings
Livin' With Me

Nonna said...

LOL That picture "cracks" me up!

I actually have a set of gold goblets that I collected from a brand of tea when I was a teenager to put in my hope chest. I still use them!

Pamela said...

I'm laughing at Marsha's comment. Because I remember hiding from the Raleigh Man (door to door)

that kitten is in a precariass (sic) position!! hee hee