Wednesday, February 27

Thursday Thirteen

I've been wanting to start this meme for some time but kept thinking I don't have the time. Since we have an extra day this month I thought I no long have an excuse. {giggles} I'm also copying other folks take on this meme by starting with the abc's of me.

Apple - My Mom would always tell me, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Since I had Rheumatic Fever as a child, I saw doctors very often, so I kept eating applies. They did not keep the doctors away.

Alimony - This is what I did not receive when I got divorced. I barely received child support.

Awesome - This is a word I kept saying on my first trip to Las Vegas. I was overwhelmed by the size of the hotels/casinos.

Afterthought - Seems like I always have creative afterthoughts once an argument is over.

American - I am a very proud to be an American. My grandparents on Daddy’s side came from Germany and Ireland. They, like other immigrants of their time, learned the English language, became citizens and reaped the advantages of being an American the legal way.

Astute - My hubby thinks this is a word that describes me.

Argue - This is something I do not like to do.

Absent-minded - This is what I am. I go into a room to get something and forget I was I going after. I guess this is part of getting old.

Ancestors - I am so proud of my ancestors. I have learned more about them through genealogy research. I’ve been able to trace Daddy’s family back to when they came to America. I learned my grandmother on Mom’s side was part Cherokee Indian. I guess that’s where I got my high cheekbones.

Ashamed - There are things in my past I am ashamed of.

Art - I enjoy going to art galleries taking in the beauty of the artists creations. I would like to take some art classes, but I do well drawing stick people.

Antiques - I own a few antiques that belonged to my grandparents. A few include a glass oil lamp, a wash stand, an oak crank telephone, another glass lamp that is electric, and a meat grinder.

Asparagus - This is my favorite green vegetable.

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Sandy M said...

Great list! I also started with the alphabet this week.

Ivanhoe said...

I like that idea! Can I do that too? Are there any rules?

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hey Linda, yeap I know what Melli said is kind of depressing for sure. We are definitely over the hill!! Oh well..such is life.
I am glad that you are starting this. it is fun each week to come up with words. I just have a bookmark in my dictionary and that is how I do Hope your day is going great. Sandy

Betty said...

I think we all have things in our past that we are ashamed of, Linda.

Very good start with your first time to do TT.

Thank you for your input on my TT today about posting pictures, etc. I'll try that.

It's All Good! said...

Hi Linda, that was a good 13. I'm a stick-figure artist myself! And a proud American! Stop by and visit my blog for a few sarcastic reasons I love winter! Have a great day.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good afternoon Linda, You did great for your first was fun doing the alphabet theme.It is a sunny and cool day in Atlanta. I leave in the morning to head back home.When are you going to visit your new grand?? My husband will be happy to see me and get some home cooked meals..Talk to you later. Hugs, Baba

Laura said...

Great list! I love learning about peopls...and that is a great way to go about doing it! Happy T-13!

Melli said...

Great list Linda! I'm Absent-minded too -- and I DO think it comes with old age! What "worries" me is... when does it cross the line? OY?

Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies too! Right now I have to steam or boil the heck out of it though! I might as well just buy canned....