Monday, February 18

This weeks Heads or Tails theme is anything that begins with the letter P. Visit Barb @ Skittles' Place for more Heads or Tails participants.

Here’s a few animals whose name starts with the letter P.




Pussy Cat




Sanni said...

Ooooh, I ♥ animals - I´m a pet person :)

My first pet was a shell parakeet ages ago. Today share our home with Jersey

I also love Penguins...

and now guess which animals are displayed in my entry *g*

Misty Dawn said...

Being a huge lover of animals, I truly loved this post!

Skittles said...

I have a dog and a bird and have had cats in the past. (I'd have one now but for the extra rent we'd have to pay.)

I never thought about having a woodpecker. :)

Skittles said...

I just posted news of a contest I'm having for Heads Or Tails players. Check it out. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Like the others, I'm also an animal lover and I appreciate the post you made.

Thank you for visiting.

Andrée said...

That woodpecker head going too fast for the camera is a riot! My HoT is here, thank you.

tumblewords said...

Colorful and fascinating p-ictures! Nice post!