Saturday, February 16

I was hoping to show you lots of pictures of Caramia. When I started uploading them, I found out Nicole or Bret must have cropped the pictures. When I tried to enlarge them they lost their definition. They just bought a new Cannon XT and I was really hoping for better pictures.

The 1 st picture is the whole family and the nurse that helped with the delivery.
The 2nd picture is Caison holding baby Caramia.
The 3rd picture is Campbell holding baby Caramia.

Carson and Caramia

Whew!!!! I'm glad I'm home!
Caramia with Mommy and Caison's hands
with Campbell looking on

Campbell is rough one and he keeps telling Nicole to be careful with Caramia. I think that is so funny!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Good pictures anyway I think. I miss having a little one but there are not going to be anymore in our family!! I so enjoyed little babies. I know you must miss them all so much. We are off to Saturday night church now and I am so tired that I could just stay here but well you know..I can't!!
Sleepy in Savannah!!

Anonymous said...
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Betty said...

How sweet. I just love little babies. We will have a new great grandbaby in September, but they live 450 miles away.

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Linda. All beautiful children.

Sanni said...

Those photos are far too sweet!

I´ve got new glasses so I don´t care about the size they are posted. Call me eagle *LOL*

Happy SUNday!

Theresa said...

Loved seeing Carson smiling with his new baby sister-after all he went through too.

The comment is too funny, looks like a protective brother is born too!

Nonna said...

What cute pictures! Little Caramia is a beauty!! I know you are so proud of her. I'll be posting more of my little sweet pea, so stay tuned! I hope people dont get tired of me posting about her so much, but she is the reason I am blogging! I know you can hardly wait to get your hands on Caramia again!!

Renee's Reading Corner said...

The pictures are great! So glad you and your family are doing so well!