Sunday, February 3

A Little This and That

Most folks are watching the Superbowl. The only sports I watch is Mountaineer football. Hubby doesn't even watch pro ball, but he said he wanted to see a little of the game because of our local Randy Moss who plays for the Patriots. I grew up in Belle, WV and Randy about 3 miles down the road in Rand, WV. We both graduated from the same high school. Randy has certainly made a name for himself, much which is not very gratifying.

While most of American is focused on the superbowl, I'm watching the "Murder She Wrote" marathon. I love watching these old shows.

On another subject, yesterday was Groundhog's Day, and according to our local groundhog, Freddie, we are in for 6 more weeks of winter.

I am Charlotte bound on Wednesday to meet my new granddaughter who is scheduled to be born on Saturday, Feb. 9. I was planning on making the trip after Caramia arrives, but my daughter asked me to come down early and stay with the kids while she is delivering the baby. Her in-laws will be flying in Saturday evening to help out when Nicole comes home from the hospital, so I'll be heading back on Sunday after I stop at the hospital to meet my granddaughter. In my day, we did not schedule a day and time for delivery unless we were having a c-section. My daughter will be induced Saturday morning.


Betty said...

Congratulations again, Linda, on your soon to be born grandchild.

My hubby is watching the Super Bowl, but I'm not. I don't care anything about football unless one of my grandkids is playing.

Have a safe trip.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Did you read that Barb (BABA) had their grandbaby yesterday!! She is in Atlanta now. I know the two of you were wondering who would come first. I love that name of your new granddaughter!! I am coming home tomorrow. Yeah!! Sandy

Theresa said...

I watched the Super Bowl with our cat Sam.

Those marathons can really take you in, especially when they end one and start another without a commercial- I seem to always watch the Law and Order marathons, and next thing I know 4 hours are gone.

Have fun taking care of the grandkids, and meeting your new grandaughter. So exciting!

Nonna said...

Have a safe trip this week to see your new granddaughter! Congratulations once again!!

I didnt care anything about the Super Bowl this year, I didnt even know who won till I was watching the news this morning! lol

Take care!

Gill said...

How exciting to be meeting your new granchild on the weekend - wow! I will be looking forward to photos next week :-) said...

Have a safe trip and Congrats on the new baby!! Another darling grand baby!! I will pray all goes well!
I have a Valentine for you! Love and Hugs, Carolyn