Tuesday, February 5

28th Anniversary of Mom's Death

February 5, 1980

This morning I started writing a post about Mom's death and it really got out of control. I was writing it in Word so I could use its spell check. I started looking over the post and it was almost two pages long. That was more than anyone could read. So here is a very short version.l

Twenty-eight years ago today the Lord decided it was time to take my Mom to live with him. I was extremely mad at him. I cursed him!! I couldn't understand why he had to take my Mom so soon. Mom was 68 when she died.

In July 1979 Mom learned she had a cancerous tumor in her kidney and was assured her kidney could be removed without allowing the cancer to spread. Unfortunately it did spread to her bones. The next six months was hard on everyone watching Mom slip further and further away.

Every year on this day, that tremendous loss comes flooding back to me. I miss her as much today as I did that day she left me.


I'm leaving for Charlotte first thing in the morning. Time permitting I will try to check in with everyone. If not, I'll be back on Sunday or Monday.


Nonna said...

Please have a safe trip. Enjoy that new grandbaby!!

Suzy said...

It's hard to understand why loved ones have to go so soon...my father was only 51 when he passed.
My Mom will be 90 this July,and we are so close that I can't even imagine how that will be when I lose her.
But cheer up...You've got a new grandbaby comin'!
It's the new generation!

Theresa said...

Still having both my parents- I can only imagine your sorrow, not having your mom around. It is good that you remember her and pay tribute to her on this day.

Marsha said...

I read this post after the one about Carson but wanted to respond here too. Just know that I'll add your tender feelings of sorrow to the reasons you will be in my prayers over the next few days. May God bless you all with healing for Carson and that your beautiful memories of your mother will be enhanced by the miracle of new life coming into your family.