Monday, January 21

Nicole's Baby Shower

When I posted the picture of Nicole earlier, I tried to upload this picture too, but blogger or the operator of this blog was having problems. After running some errands I thought I would give this another try. As Baba said, it would be nice to see her little big belly. I told her it looks like she is carrying little Caramia around her knees. LOL That is how I carried her. You can also detect her outie belly button.

In case you are new to my blog, Nicole lives in Charlotte and I'm in West Virginia (5 1/2 hours away). This is her 4th child. The others are Carson, 7; Campbell, 5; and Caison, 3. Because of the distance I don't get to see her and and kids as often as I would like. Her in-laws will be there to take care of the kids while Nicole is in the hospital and a few days when she gets home. The in-laws are from Illinois, so I always schedule my trips around theirs. It's much easier for me to get there than them.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, thanks so much for posting a cute picture of Nicole's baby takes me 4.5-5 hours to drive to Atlanta.My daughter's in-laws are going to visit in early March , after the baby is born...I will be with them for 3-4 weeks...being the baby nurse makes them feel more comfortable..My SIL is a doctor and works with pain relief and rehabilitation of stroke patients and other Orthopedic cases.My daughter is an RN, but has not worked since having kids..I love being the baby nurse... I wish I lived near them ...You miss out on so much that is going on in their lives.. Talk to you later.Hugs,

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a beautiful daughter!! It is nice to see what she looks like. Where in Illinois are her in laws? That is where hubby and I moved from. Just wondering!! i love the new baby's pretty!! I hear that you have that stupid psorsis!! I know of a medication that might help you. i will need to get in touch with a friend from Illinois, but i can if you want me too. Sandy

Renee's Reading Corner said...

She's beautiful! Bet she's ready to have the baby and soon!