Monday, January 21

I've was tagged Friday with two memes. I'm responding to both within this one post. The first one is from my dear friend Gill @ gill's jottings . I don't know the name or where it came from, but it looks like fun.

The rules are:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2. A. Share 5 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog

1. I have always wanted to be able to sing and play the piano.
2. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 10.
3. I don't know how to swim.
4. I've never worn a bikini.
5. I'm learning Paint Shop Pro.

B. Share the 5 top places on your want to see or want to see again.

These are in no particular order.

1. San Diego. I was there several years ago, loved it and want to go again.
2. Germany, because that is where my grandfather was from.
3. Ireland, because that is where my grandmother was from.
4. Egypt, just because.
5. Las Vegas, because it is awesome!!!

C. Share 5 things you never pictured being in your future when you were 25 years old

1. That I would be divorced in another 7 years.
2. That I would be a successful business woman.
3. That I would be where I am at this point in my life.
4. That I would fall madly in love with someone other than my husband.
5. That I would actually take a cruise.

3. Tag a minimum of 5, maximum of 10 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Those tagged have a choice of which they want to do.

See the end of this post for those I am tagging.

The next meme is from another dear friend Patti @ Nonna's News Again, I don't know where this meme originated, but it is also a lot of fun.

4 jobs I've had:
Gift wrapper at a Department store during Christmas

Physician Recruiter

Southern Living at Home representative

4 movies watched over and over:

Dirty Dancing

Back to the Future

First Wives Club

4 places I've lived:

Laredo, TX

Gulfport, Mississippi

Sumter, SC

South Charleston, WV

4 shows I watch:


Boston Legal


Cashmere Mafia

4 places I've been:

Montreal, Canada

Central America
Washington D.C.

4 people who email me regularly:

My daughter, Nicole

Daughter in law, Donna

Friend, Jill

Friend, Sherry

4 favorite things to eat:

A good hamburger

Baked Steak

Mashed potatoes


4 places I'd rather be:

visiting my grandchildren

by the ocean

Las Vegas

at a mountain cabin

4 things I look forward to this year:
meeting my new grand daughter, Caramia next month
getting back in shape
traveling TBD
attending bible study (I think its called Stepping Up by Beth Moore)

OK, now I get to tag others. I'm going to tag the following and asking them to do one or both memes. Don't feel obligated to do both, it's your choice. Here goes:






Flip Flop Floozie said...

Linda, I have already done this meme. I don't know exactly when I have done them. I will do it again if you really really WANT me too..Smile. I am off to work today...let me know. Sandy

Oh, you want to go to Las Vegas..I forget that you like to gamble. We went once and well I don't ever want to go again. guess that is where we are definitely

Susan said...

I LOVE Vegas...and there's plenty to do there that is not gambling, too. (Although I confess that I love sticking a few coins in those addicting slot machines!) These were fun memes, Linda. I enjoyed learning more about you.

Have a great day!!

:-) Susan

Renee's Reading Corner said...

Great memes! I always enjoy getting to know you better and finding out how much we have in common! How's your daughter doing?

Suzy said...

I really enjoyed reading your meme answers!