Wednesday, October 3

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone who has left birthday wishes here on my blog and for the emails I received from several of you as well. I had a very nice day ending with my son, his girlfriend and her daughter taking me to dinner at the Outback. I've been craving red meat and the petite fillet was a perfect fit. Family and friends showered me with gifts and a very special blogging friend made this beautiful scrapbook page for me that matches my blog template.

This fabulous page would have been more than a perfect gift, but she also gave me the Sunshade Carnival Set to add to my blog. Who is this mystery person, as if you didn't know, it Sanni at Coffee to Go.
I met Sanni several weeks ago when I purchased this template from her thru Pimp Your Blog. I have enjoyed my new look so much. Through this transaction and since then, Sanni and I have become true blogging buddies!!

Sanni, you are fabulous and really Rock!!

Danke sehr dear one!!!


ZAM said...

Happy Birthday! May the Lord bless you with a happy heart, a peaceful mind, a healthy body and a strong spirit!

Theresa said...

Yes Happy Birthday!!! I am glad you had such a good day. Remember age is just a number it is how you feel inside that counts- so heres to you feeling forever young!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Did I miss your birthday, Linda!! Oh if it was today I am so sorry!! I have been so busy getting ready to leave for Illinois. We are in a hotel tonight..traveled several miles this afternoon and will be on the road again tomorrow.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! It sounds like you had a great day!! See it did not hurt!! SMILE!!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a wonderful day!You do have a cute blog!!I"m new at the blogging thing, so I have a lot to learn. I see all these cute pages people have and mine looks so plain!

Gattina said...

So you had a nice birthday and you blog outfit looks really very good.
I finally could thank you for the award you gave me a few weeks ago. I am late because of my holidays, sorry !

Renee's Ramblings said...

Linda, I am so sorry I missed your birthday. Somehow I thought it was today (4th)! Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!
Age is just a number - you are a wonderful, bright, caring and beautiful person!! It truly is how you feel inside that counts!

aaronsmusic said...

Hi Linda, This is Renee's husband, Aaron. Renee made you something on her blog. She's having problems connecting to blogspot blogs. Stop by her site. BTW - you don't look 60. said...

Happy Birthday!! Did I miss it too!! well, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Your blog is beautiful!! I just love the way it looks!!

Thank goodness I drop by and got to wish you Birthday wishes!! and it reminded me that today is Becky's birthday the 4th... I sent a card but I need to stop and call her... She is my son Bill's wife..
Love and Hugs, Carolyn

Sanni said...

I´m glad you´ve had a blast, my sweet friend! Keep on rocking, Linda - I´ll listen to the Beatles in your footer section now =)

Renee's Ramblings said...

I just love stopping by your blog! I am a huge Beatles fan and "My Life" is one of my all time favorite songs. Hope your day is going well!

TorAa said...

Happy belated Birthday.
Hope you had a wonderful day and a joyful weekend.

October is very special for me, not only you and Captain Lifecruiser do have birthdays, my daughter is 30 on October 9 and my mother is 88 on October 12. Something with New Year? *giggles*