Friday, October 5

It's Friday

I just sat down to do a post and thought I should go out and visit first. My first stop was at Carolyn's Talk to Grams. While reading her post it dawned on me it's Friday. I have been functioning today as if it was Thursday. I've only been 60 for 3 days (is that right) and already I don't know what day it is!! LOL

Yesterday my girlfriend came over and we planned to go to the Pumpkin Festival. This is all we have talked about for a month. This has been an annual tradition for us for several years. As we were headed to the festival we got side tracked and never made it to the event.

The Pumpkin Festival offers activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are many, many booths of skilled artisans displaying their crafts. I usually am able to pick up an early Christmas present here. Also their are special exhibits and demonstrations such as blacksmithing, pottering making, quilting and woodworking. And, of course, there is every type of pumpkin food you can imagine to eat. If for no other reason, its worth going just for the food. What would a Pumpkin Festival be without pumpkin carving and painting contests for the little ones. This year I saw they have sat up a maze made up of hay for the children to enjoy.

The festival runs through Sunday, so I'm sure, if I can remember, I'll be able to go tomorrow.


TorAa said...

Hello hello, you know pumpkin is - how to explain - #1 ladies detective agency ( Alexander McCall Smith) and the big monsters we did have in my childhood garden - and my parents did not know what to do with them - yes my mother one year tried to make some jam ---- hahaha. Nobody ever tasted it. But my father was so proud of the size.And my mother so amazed. LOL.

PS. Got your blog from from our Captain. We did visit her and her wonderful husband this summer.

I'm coming back to your blog

ZAM said...

I hope you have a great time! And have a blessed weekend.

Theresa said...

Love the friends that allow you to get sidetrack and go down a different path.

The pumpkin festival sounds like fun- always a great feeling to get a jump on christmas shopping- also fun to see all the fall stuff out.

Patti said...

The Pumpkin Festival sounds like lots of fun! Dont get sidetracked tomorrow, ok? ;)! Here, we have what is called "Countryfest" Its always the second weekend in October. I usually find a few early christmas gifts there too. I wont get to go this year because I'll be at my daughters enjoying that little bundle of joy! Have a fun weekend!! said...

I am glad you found out what day it was!! I hate that when it happens.... It sounds like you had a great day anyway!! Just being with your friend made it great.... and your pumpkin patch fair sounds like its a lot of fun!!

Nancy did really good at our homecomming parade yestereday!! Yea! That is always a good thing for sure! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

Marsha said...

Came looking for your Friday's Feast and did not find one. But then if you don't know it's Friday... lol.

Hope you make it to your Pumpkin Festival this weekend... sounds like a terrific event!

ps... you're lucky if the forgetsies didn't hit until you turned 60... I've been doing it for several years!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Enjoy the Pumpkin Festival! I can't wait to take the kids to one in our area. I think I love it as much as they do.

The peanut butter pie is REALLY easy to make and very tasty. We give them out as gifts at Christmas time. They can be premade and frozen in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Lazy Daisy said...

Silly rabbit....60 has nothing to do with being sidetracked by life! That happens to me all the time. I'm sure it was still Thursday some where in the world! Glad you were properly celebrated! Hope your weekend was glorious! Sending hugs from the Daisy Patch!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Linda..hello! i feel like i have been away for a long long time!! We are on our way back home. Made it to Tennessee tonight and then will have a lOng day tomorrow to drive to Ga!!
Thanks for stopping by and praying for Sonny. We saw him today before we left and he is not doing well. keep praying.
I hope that you made it to the Pumpkin Farm. i love to go to those!! Sandy

Irishcoda said...

Hi Linda, sorry it took so long to get over to visit you. It's been hectic around here! I wanted to wish you a belated birthday! Will be back to visit you again soon! :)