Thursday, October 18

Results of the DSAJ

Some of you have emailed me asking how the Down Syndrome Walk went in Jacksonville in support for Seth. I received this email from my step daughter in law this morning. They did great and are now planning for next years walk. Here's the email from Donna.

Well, we did great this year. Our goal was 5,000.00 this year and last year. We raised 4,006.00 this year which was 1,400.00 more than we raised last year. We were in 6th place for raising the most money. And 4th or 5th for having the most registered walkers which we had 63 sign up. We had 13 people walk last year and 40 walk with us this year. YEAH!!!!! Scott is already thinking about next year and starting early and different ways to raise even more money. He thinking about checking into doing a golf tournament which the dsaj did several years ago but said it was a lot of work and they needed help so we'll see. The DSAJ had raised 130,000.00 at the walk and thought they would raise about 10,000.00 that day. There goal was 100,000.00 so they did very well.

Thank you ALL for all your support. Seth is doing so great. He is sooo funny and he knows he's a ham and works it----everyday!!!


I want to thank everyone who provided support for Seth or Down Syndrome in your own community. Seth has a birthday later this month. He will be 2 on October 31.


Renee's Ramblings said...

I am so glad to hear that it went well!! Seth is so adorable!

Theresa said...

Great event- I am glad it went well for them. Seth is such a cutie- love that smile of his. said...

What a cutie he is! So glad this went so well... His smile would melt any heart!

Nonna said...

Seth is so cute! He has a sweet smile! Glad the event went well!

Sorry it took me so long to acknowledge the award you gave me. It means a lot to me! You are the one who lifts me up!! Thanks so much for your friendship!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Hi Linda,

Hope you're having a great Friday! When you get a chance, stop on over at my blog. There's something there for you.

Dana said...

nice shto. Seth is very cute! happy ww

Susan said...

What a worthwhile cause. I'm glad it went well. I'm just out surfing the blogosphere glad to find your place.

:-) Susan