Monday, October 22

Great News & bad news

So I can end this post on a happy note I'm going to share my bad news first. This past Friday I had an appointment with a surgeon. I have a place on my leg that won't heal and my primary care doctor told me I needed to see a surgeon to have it removed. The surgeon I chose is the son of the doctor I had when I was growing up. He too was a surgeon. This younger surgeon and I had a nice talk about his parents and his childhood. Then we got down to business. He told me I have solar keratoses. The place on my leg is too large for him to remove without leaving a hole in my leg, even with a skin graft. He noticed other stops on my arms that he said was the same thing. I thought these were just a result of aging. He has started me on a topical chemo treatment for two months, then he wants to see me again. For all you nurses, the drug is Efudex. The good news is it is not the type of cancer that will kill me. What is weird about this, I've never been a sun worshiper, have always used sun screen, mainly because I burn very easy.

On to the Great News. My son is getting married on November 20th!!! This graphic isn't entirely true. They have booked the wedding but he has not yet popped the question. They ordered the rings a couple weeks go and it will be in this week. After the ring arrives he will formerly ask for her hand. He already asked her daughter, Kati if he can marry her Mom. Kati is 5 and adores my son. Her response was, "well yes". This will be my son's first marriage at the age of 37 and Amber's second. She is 30. I looked for a picture of all of them together and could only find one from this past Christmas, but it wasn't very good. Trust me, there will be pictures in the future. Like my daughter, my son does not want a formal wedding. They are going to a mountain retreat in Tennessee and will be married there.

I am so excited!!! Amber is so sweet and will make a wonderful wife for Brian. There have been times when I thought he would never marry. He has been concentrating on school until a couple years ago. He received his BS in geology at the University of Kentucky, his Masters at University of South Carolina and his doctorate at the University of Alabama. He is now employed with a major gas company as a geologist. I don't know all of Amber's degrees, but she is the vice principle of a private Christian school.

A few months ago Kati asked her grandmother if Amber would marry Brian would her new grandmother love her. When Amber told me this I about cried. Isn't it interesting what goes through a little one's head. Kati is absolutely adorable, and of course, I love her. The big question is, what will she call me. My daughter's children call me Mawmaw, which I love. Kati calls her grandmother Mawmaw, so it may be confusing to have two Mawmaw's. This is a small detail we work out. It's whatever Kati would prefer.

One more thing about this lovely story is how they broke the news to me. I had called Brian on Saturday just to check in. He said he was on his way home from buying another dirt bike. He asked what I was doing, and wanted to know if I could come over later in the day. After he unloaded his bike he called me back and asked that I come for dinner. I told him I had a pot of soup on the stove, and he said that would keep. When I arrived we were all sitting in the kitchen and Kati was humming the "Here Comes the Bride" song. I asked, why are you humming that song? Then it dawned on me. I jumped up and hugged Amber then my son and then Kati. Can you believe that? Brain told me he was originally not going to tell me, until afterwards. He was just going to say they were going to her parents camp for the week. That's when I slapped him. They showed me the retreat they will be staying on the computer and Amber showed me some gowns she likes. With the wedding being less than a month away, she will have to buy something off the rack. She is planning on wearing blue. She said her Mom wore a pale blue gown.

This post is getting way too long. There will be more to come later.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

WOW!! This was a post and a half!! I am so hoping that this creme will help you in some way. I am like you I never go out unless i have sun lotion on. I am very fair and burn easily. I sure hope this can all just clear up for you.
So happy to hear the news about Brian!! That is great. My son is almost 43 and not married. I have almost given up!! I am so glad that Brian has found someone. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hope this creme works for you as it should or as they expect.

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!!! They will make a beautiful family. said...

Hope this works for you!! Glad you found out and can you do something!! Happy your son is getting married!! This is neat!

Suzy said...

The sun can really do some damage on fair skinned ones like us...glad you got it checked out.

Wonderful news about Brian and amber! (kati too)...keep us posted!

Theresa said...

I can't believe when I was growing up laying out on tin foil with baby oil was the thing to do- lucky for me I got bored laying out. Who knew what strength the sun really had. I am glad your doctor thinks the creme will be able to help and it is not life threatening.

Congratulations on the great news, it is always wonderful when you like your new daughter-in-law. It had to be special for you that they wanted to surprise you with the news liked they did.

Mary said...

I'm focusing on the wonderful, good news! What happiness! Congratulations to all!

Gill said...

I am so pleased for you that your son is getting married. I think it is lovely that he asked Kati - my Dad asked me before marrying my mom and even though I was only 7 years old, it meant a lot.

My mom suffers terribly with various forms of skin cancer, including solar keratosis. I hope the cream works quickly for you, she uses the same cream and thinks it is marvellous.

Renee's Ramblings said...

I hope the creme will help!

Congratulations to Brian, Amber and Kati! (and you too!)

Marsha said...

I skimmed through this post quickly since it is getting late but wanted to say congratulations and thanks for the reminder that my son still has time... he's 33 and not married.

I am hoping the treatment works well for you.