Thursday, September 6

The Onion Meme

I've been tagged by Sanni for this quite revealing meme. The purpose is to strip you down like an onion layer by layer. So now I stand here before naked.

Let's get going so you can see how this happened!!!

On the Outside

Name: Linda A
Birth Date: October 2, 1947
Current Status: Student of Life
Eye Color: Hazelish
Hair Color: Brown

On the Inside

My Heritage: Mutt (German, Irish, American Indian, English)
My Fear: Death
My weaknesses: Shoes, and handbags
My Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Anchovies

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

My thoughts first waking up : Where's my coffee?
My bedtime : Why can't I go to sleep
My most missed memory: What was that question?

My Pick

Pepsi or coke : Caffeine Free Diet Coke
Single or group dates : Huhhhhh
Adidas or Nike : Fila
Tea or Nestea : Brewed Iced Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate with chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee : Just plain ole coffee thank you

Do You ****?

Smoke : Yes, but down to 4-6 on an average day. And yes, Jill, its more when we go you know where.
Take a shower : What do you think??
Have a crush : Robert Redford
Think you’ve been in love : Definitely.
Go to school : A looooog time a ago
Want to get married : Been there, done that twice
Believe in yourself : Who else can I believe in?
Think you’re a health freak : Absolutely not!!!

In the Past

Drank alcohol : Sure
Gone to the mall : Sure.
Been on stage : Yes.
Eaten sushi : Once, never again.
Dyed your hair : Every month.

Have You Ever***?

Played a stripping game : Now you're getting too darn nosey!!!


Get married: Been there, done that

In A Guy

Best eye colour : any
Best hair colour : any
Short hair or long hair : yes

What were you doing

A minute ago : Sipping my coffee
Hour ago : Getting out of bed
Month ago : Taking care of my daughter and 3 grandchildren
Year ago : I did good remember the last 3 questions.

Finish This Sentence

I love : my family and friends
I feel : overwhelmed
I hate : someone who lies
I hide : money
I miss : being in love
I need : more shoes and handbags


The cat is out of the bag: I´m a rotten onion...
... and therefore I tag:


Gattina said...

I just had a good laughter because Sanni has tagged you and now I see you tagged ME (sob, sob, sob !) Are you really sure that an onion has 11 layers ?? The once here have only one I assure you ! But I will sacrifice myself and do it on Sunday !
I liked your answers only for man I am more difficult, lol !

Renee's Ramblings said...

Great meme! Great getting to know you better.

Renee's Ramblings said...

Hi Linda,

I saw your question about the pink beans...I answered it in the commnent section of my Tasty Thursday's posts; you weren't the only one who didn't know what pink beans were. I didn't know about them till I found the recipe and then I had to research them because I had NO ideal what they were- LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

OOOPs I see that i have been tagged...Well okay!! My computer has been down and is just now up so i will give this a try...okay..

JHS said...

That is definitely a lot of information!

I'm afraid that a lot of those questions would have me saying "Nonya!" (None ya bizness.)

Sanni said...

You did an excellent job on this onion thingy, Linda!

I´ve had the chocolate with chocolate experience today... and there was coffee invilved, too: A Grande Starbuck´s Double Chocolate Mocha Macchiato. Ordering this got my tongue twisted - but ohhhhhh... *yum-yum* =)