Monday, July 2


It was 4:00 a.m. before I was able to turn the TV off and try to get to sleep this morning. My insomnia was a combination of drinking caffeine last night and the anticipation of my appointment this afternoon with an urologist. I was out of my caffeine free diet coke, so I fixed a pitcher of Crystal Light Green Raspberry tea. By the way, this is very good. Being green tea, I thought it was free of caffeine. Not. This morning I've been pacing and worrying about this office visit.

On Friday, the urologist's office called to confirm my appointment today along with instructions for my visit. They told me I would be catheterized. Ouch!! You would think at the ripe old age of almost 60 I would have been catheterized by now, but I haven't. The thought makes me nauseous. So, what does one do when they are stressed to the max with the anticipation of someone sticking a who know what into a delicate area of ones blog.

The reason for this exam is a result of a moderate amount of blood that was found through the urinalysis I had a couple weeks ago. If my doctor thought this was just an infection, he would have given me an antibiotic. But since he has referred me to one of those ologists, he must feel something else is wrong. I don't handle pain, the unknowing, or discomfort well at all. Honestly, if I had a Valium I would take it.

I have a little over an hour to shower and get to the ologists office. If I don't stroke out on the table, I'll post the results later this afternoon. Keep a candle burning.

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I hope you get a good report this afternoon. I will pray that all goes well. Iwill check back later and see what the Doctor said.