Wednesday, May 9

100 Things

1. I always sleep with the window open in the winter
2. While driving I always keep my window cracked
3. I love to dance
4. I’m afraid of birds
5. My nickname among a group of friends is Vanetta
6. I’m the only sibling born in a hospital
7. I'm closer in age to my nieces and nephew than I was to my sister and brother
8. I’m a Baptist
9. I was a Catholic during my first marriage
10. I was the youngest of 3
11. I’m the only one left in my immediate family
12. Within 2 weeks I put my toes in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
13. Within one month I was in Canada, US, and Mexico
14. My children were born at Shaw Air Force Base, SC
15. I’ve been on a western Caribbean cruise
16. I went horseback riding in the Rain Forest in Belize
17. I’ve been married 2 times
18. I was single for 10 years between marriages
19. I can’t swim or
20. sing
21. I can peck at the piano
22. I’ve had a heart attack
23. I had Rheumatic Fever as a child
24. I have 2 children, boy and girl
25. I have 3 natural grand children and 4 more by marriage
26. I wear glasses or contacts
27. I drive a Hyundai
28. Before my Hyundai I had a silver PT Cruiser
29. I only buy white cars, except for the PT Cruiser, the white one looked like an ambulance
30. I love caffeine free diet coke
31. I love a good hot dog
32. I sold Avon to an Hispanic community without speaking Spanish
33. I was a realtor
34. I was a physician recruiter
35. I've been retired for 3 years
36. I’ve been on the national ABC evening news
37. I’m afraid of death
38. I served on the Board of the American Cancer Society
39. I orchestrated the proclamation that established The Great American Smoke Out for WV
40. I have been to NASCAR races
41. I have an obsession with clocks
42. I always smell shampoos, lotions, etc. before I buy them
43. I can’t and won’t tolerate someone who lies
44. I enjoy watching TV
45. I love walking on the beach
46. I would love to own a house on the beach
47. Red is my favorite color
48. I can’t function without my morning coffee
49. I feel guilty if I sleep past 9:00 a.m.
50. I’m a night owl
51. I love to gamble
52. I hit my 1st jackpot in Atlantic City
53. I was in 3 dance recitals in my 30’s
54. I own less than 10 CD’s
55. I don’t understand cordless and wireless phones
56. I was a cub scout leader for 2 years
57. I no longer enjoy hot weather
58. I had my own fishing pole and shotgun as a child….Daddy wanted another boy
59. I clip coupons
60. let them expire
61. then, throw them away
62. I’m still using the toaster I received as a wedding gift in the 60’s
63. I’m afraid of shots
64. I play monthly Bunko in my neighborhood
65. I rarely have a hard drink
66. I drink tea, diet coke or water all day
67. I drink a glass of water throughout the night
68. The oldies (50’s & 60”s) and country are my favorite music
69. I don’t enjoy shopping
70. I love cooking for a crowd, but
71. hate to cook for 2
72. I adore Elvis
73. I’m gullible
74. My hair is medium short and brown
75. My eyes are hazel
76. I don’t have any tattoos
77. I love Hershey’s chocolate
78. I’m learning to restore and colorize old photos
79. I always have a snack before bed
80. I would like to fly in a helicopter
81. I like amusement parks
82. I don’t like roller coasters
83. I have a dog
84. I love cats
85. I've held a snake
86. At one time I had 5 cats and 2 dogs
87. My dog sleeps with me….or is it I sleep with her
88. I love the water, but
89. I can’t swim
90. I love the smell of sheets that have been dried outside
91. I can and enjoy driving a stick shift
92. I don’t like camping
93. The sight of blood makes me woozier
94. I dream in color
95. Shoes and handbags are my passion
96. I was 12 before I was allowed to ride a bike
97. I love working puzzles like Sudoku or cryptograms
98. I routinely say stupid stuff
99. I enjoy my monthly lunches with old friends
100. My life, my love, my world is my children and grandchildren

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It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Wow!! Now that is a list!! I learned a lot about you through this though. I need to do that one day!! It would be fun that is IF I could come up with 100 things about myself..Hm!! thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about my friend Betty. That was some day!! I just pray that somehow God will help her with this awful awful stuff. I think this is the only way it is going to leave her body now. Sandy