Tuesday, November 14

Glory Vegetables

Today I received an email from Glory. They said they would reimburse me for the product and that they were sorry I had to contact them regarding my Glory Foods experience. It was a 5 paragraph email addressing their quality products, quality control program and telling me my email would be shared with the Quality Assurance Department.

I do appreciate Glory Foods responding to my concern. What disturbs me is the email read like a form letter. It did not mention the specific vegetable or the grasshopper.

I contacted my local Department of Agriculture today to report this event. The gentleman I spoke to said this was the second complaint he has received this week (please note today is Tuesday) concerning foreign objects in food. His first complaint concerned a possible hair in a nutrition bar. Hey, give me a hair any day over a grasshopper.

The Department of Agriculture will be reporting my complaint to Glory Foods. All I want is some assurances that stronger quality control will be implemented into the regulations governing our food supply.

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