Wednesday, November 4

Too Busy

Have you ever had weeks like this????

Each time I think I'll get back to blogging, life throws me another curve. It's been so crazy here I haven't had the opportunity to go see my daughter in Charlotte for over a year. Boy, I miss them so much!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. The weather here was perfect which led to hundreds of kids coming by.
Brian and Amber brought their girls over to go trick or treating. I haven't uploaded the pictures I took, so I'll post those another day. The girls looked so cute. Josie is now 8 months old and is trying to walk. She pulls herself up and walks around the furniture but hasn't figured out how to take off on her own. It won't be long.


Let me share a little bit of wisdom with you. A cellphone
and a washing machine do not mix:) A few weeks ago my cellphone managed to find itself into my laundry. While putting the wet clothes in the dryer I felt this horrible sick feeling coming across me. There in my washer was my could this happen. Often I carry my phone in my back jeans pocket. I must have left it in my jeans and that 's how it ended up with the dirty laundry. Knowing my cellphone was probably dead.I remembered watching Abby from NCIS drying a cellphone with a hair dryer. I did this and was excited that when I recharged the phone it came on. Then I learned none of the functions would work. I went down to the ATT to see if they could dry it out or do something to salvage my phone. They suggested putting it into a bag of rice overnight. This didn't work either. Now I was in a position to get a new phone. Since my contract was up I was eligible for a free or very inexpensive phone. I went with another Motorola because I loved my Razor and was told my car jax and earbud would fit. My car jax does work, but the ear bud doesn't. This new phone is very cheaply made, but it was free, so I'm not complaining too much.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hey there!

Good to see a post from you. I don't blog much either, but I am active on Facebook.

Funny story about your cell phone. I lost mine into water as well, but not in the washing machine! Suffice to say that I no longer have it in my pocket when I go near the bathroom!

Josie is 8 months old already? Time really goes by so fast. I bet she is a real cutie.

My daughter and family will be here for a week for Thanksgiving. I can't wait.

Looking forward to the pictures you will post. Now I will hit the hay and watch a little TV and go to sleep. Have a good night, Linda.



Shirley said...

Good to hear from you again. So sorry about your cell phone dying...or should I say being drowned. Good luck with your new one....looking forward for your photos....especially of that little one.

Susan said...

yes busy is horrible. I hope you're well. We've been busy getting our new LG used to our home. It's taken me away from blogging for a bit.