Wednesday, February 4

Movie and More

This past weekend I saw "New In Town" staring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. It's a romantic comedy set

in Minnesota where the small town's major employer, a yogurt plant, comes under layoffs by executive Lucy (Renee Zellweger) from Miami. Lucy is sent to Minnesota to help the plant become more efficient. That, of course, means layoffs.

During our own stressed economic times we can identify with companies shedding employees. Harry Connick Jr. plays the union representative and is there to let Lucy know what a hard job she has in front of her.

I thought the best part of the movie revolved around Lucy's interaction with the women from the small town and experiencing good old fashioned values of friendship and community. This is a no brainer movie...boy meets girl and you know how it ends. Even though it is a predictable movie it was cute. I would only recommend this movie if nothing else was on and you really wanted to go to a move.

Again I had to reschedule my appointment for an ultrasound. We got more snow last night and may get another 1 - 3 inches today. I also had to reschedule my appointment with the urologist. I may be able to get these tests sometime before spring.

Amber is seeing her OB every week and learned on Monday Josey is in position and weighs 6 lbs. 2 oz. Isn't it amazing doctors can tell the weight of the unborn baby. Amber and Brian are so excited to welcome this precious baby into the world. MawMaw is pretty excited too!!!! Josey's due date is March 4th, but we know they can come anytime.

I'm almost through piecing my quilt and should be able to start quilting tomorrow. I'm not going to do this one by hand. I'm already looking at more fabric for my next quilt. This is so addictive!


Shirley said...

Hi Linda, glad you had a night out at the movies. Sounds good to me....something I never do. I think you all got more snow than we did....we only have about 2" so far. You must be getting good at quilting. I made another one for the baby but haven't quilted it yet....don't know exactly what to do with it. And, I'm excited for you....expecting the baby soon. Ours is not due until March 27....but, like you said, we never know about these things. I just hope it is healthy.

God bless.

Betty said...

Sounds like a good movie, Linda. I have started watching a movie every night lately and enjoy them so much.

I know you will be glad to get your tests behind you, and I hope you get good results when you finally get them.

You can send me some of that snow. I like it and the only snow we've gotten this winter has been a dusting.

Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, My sister in Weaverville,N.C. was due for a MRI yesterday...she will need surgery on her back in the next few weeks..I am going to help take care of her ....

It is always a waiting game with tests, doctors and surgery!!!I am glad my husband's kidney stone was removed last Friday in Day Surgery..He is doing great with no more pain..

I know how exciting it is with a new baby..hoping Amber has an easy delivery and we can see some pictures of Josey soon..

Take care of yourself and keep us posted about your ultrasound...
Hugs, Baba

Cherdecor said...

Like Shirley, I never go to the movies either. I really cannot stand to sit that long, but my neighbor has talked me into going with her tomorrow. Some movie called Slum Dog Millionaire or something like that. If it is a bad one, I am going to make her pay. Ha! Ha! I really am not looking forward to it.

We didn't get much snow but just a couple of miles up the road, they got a foot of snow last night. It fell in an 8 mile swath.

Hope you can get your tests in before spring. Spring will be here before we know it.

Suzy said...

Sounds like a girly movie,I like those kind!Sorry that your tests got delayed,is it ever going to stop snowing? Congrats on that soon coming Grandbaby!!

Smilingsal said...

I wanted to go see that film; maybe I'll wait until it's on TV. Thanks for the heads up.

Renee said...

What an exciting time! Can't wait to see the pictures when your grandbaby comes. The movie sounds great too. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers; am praying all goes well with your tests.