Monday, December 1

Christmas Memories

Now that Thanksgiving is over it's time to concentrate on the Christmas holidays. So many folks in my neighborhood began putting out their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Now even more houses our lit with beautiful lights to welcome Christmas into their homes.

When I was a little girl we never put the tree up until a week before Christmas. Part of the fun was going to the local tree lot that was owned by friends and pick out that perfect tree. It seemed there was always a foot of snow that we had to wade through but we didn't mind at all.

I can also remember Christmas shopping uptown. Back then going to town was an adventure. We put on our Sunday clothes and would rush from store to store in the snow in search of the perfect presents for everyone.

Here I am one Christmas season seeing something spectacular outside. I don't remember what I saw.

I do remember looking out the windows at the icicles hanging from the roof. I wanted Daddy to break one off and let me eat it. What a treat!!! I have never seen icicles like those in my adult life.

This one is of me after Santa brought me a new tricycle and wagon for Christmas. I do remember being a very happy little girl.

Since I'm no longer living in the early 1950's, I'm planning on getting our Christmas decorations out this week. I feel pretty good about my shopping. I only have a few more items to pick up, and of course, there's the baking.


Smilingsal said...

You're ahead of me; I have so much more to do!

storyteller said...

Seems like a good start with the holidays. I love the Christmas header ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Renie Burghardt said...

Nice memories and cute pictures, Linda. You look very happy with your presents.

When I was a little girl in Hungary, the tree was never up before Christmas Eve. When my children were small, we used to put it up about 10 days before Christmas. Now, my tree is already up. My granddaughters always put up my tree at Thanksgiving, when they're here. I do have some shopping to do still.

Have a great evening.



Patti said...

I love the pictures of you as a little girl!! How cute and precious!!

Betty said...

Oh, Linda, what a sweet post. Brings back memories for us all. I love the pictures of you looking out the window. You sure were excited about something you were seeing. Some to think of it, I haven't seen ice cycles like that in a long time either. We don't get the big snows now like we did in those earlier years either.

I love your new look on your blog. I need to get busy and change mine to something to help bring in the Christmas season.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Renee said...

What great memories and your pictures are wonderful! As a kid, my family never put up the tree until Christmas Eve but now, my family and I put it up the first weekend in December. Have a great week.

Shirley said...

Linda, I just loved this post. It is so nice that you have those pictures. It got me to thinking, and to be honest, I can't even remember Christmas as a child, and I don't remember pictures of Christmas when I was a child. Does that mean I'm getting old? I guess so. I will be 61 on December 10th.

God bless.

Gill said...

Love this post and the photos. I can't believe those icicles!!