Wednesday, July 9

This week brought to you by the letter

1. Oats - Every morning I have oats for breakfast. Not oatmeal, Cheerios. I try different cereals, but I always go back to my favorite, Cheerios.

2. Oglebay - While I was working, I would go to Oglebay every fall for a conference. Oglebay is located in Wheeling, WV, has a championship golf course, and has one of the nations largest Festival of Lights celebration during the Christmas holidays covering more than 300 acres. I have so many wonderful memories of Oglebay.

3. Observatory - While plugging WV, another great area is the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, WV. It is home to the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT), the world’s largest fully steerable single aperture antenna. Hubby’s deceased brother has a cabin at Green Bank, and we go there for long weekends. It’s a beautiful rural area and we always tour the observatory. I don't have to worry about leaving my cell phone, because they are prohibited for miles around the observatory.

4. Obsessive - I have a very obsessive personality. When I get on an idea, I don't stop.

5. Obsolete - I am a the type of person who finds it hard to throw things away; therefore, I have so many clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. that is sooo obsolete.

6. Ocean - I would love to live by the ocean.

7. October - October 2nd to be exact is my birthday. I turned the BIG 60 last year.

8. Odor - I have an extremely sensitive nose and can smell odors that other people can’t. That probably why I light candles and have other scented stuff sitting around.

9. Optimistic - I think I’m a pretty optimistic person always trying to see the best in everyone and every situation.

10. Organized - NOT…As much as I strive to be organized I just can’t get it together. I use to blame my disorganization on working and thought once I retired I would have all this time to get everything in order. NOT.

11. Out of body experience - I have this feeling a lot. I feel as if I'm observing everything around me instead of participating. And, NO, I don't do drugs or alcohol. Do you ever have out of body experiences?

12. Overboard - I love, love, love this movie and have probably seen it a dozen times. Actually, I love everything with Goldie Hawn.

13. Oxygen - On hot humid days I feel there is not enough oxygen in the air to breath. The older I get the harder it is on me to be out in hot humid weather. Now I know why Mom always liked winter best.

Thanks for reading.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Great O list for today!! If you lived by the Ocean then you would always have that fear of hurricanes. We have it here and live about 45 minutes from it. What a list!! Thanks for stopping by today..


Sanni said...

Love your "o"s, especially #1 and #6... I'm working on #6 :-)


P.S.:Thank you so much for all your kind comments during the pregnancy and on Lily's birth announcement.

Trying to return to "normal" now that my life comes back to "sort of normal", too. *g*

Suzy said...

I enjoyed reading the ABC's of you!...and thanks for stoppin' by.

Susan said...

Now that was a fun list!! I so need to restart my list. I think I left off at L as I've been a bit distracted. I'll get back to it.



Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

Interesting O's. I'm a bit obsessive as well, I love all Goldie Hahn's movies, and hate extremely humid weather. Thank goodness for airconditioning! I don't think I've ever had an out of body experience, although I have experienced feelings at times, when I'm just observing everything going on around me. Not often, but it has happened.

When I lived in Ohio, eons ago, we used to spend many weekends at Waterford Park, in Chester, WV, just across the state line. My former hubby used to like horse racing!

Have a great evening!


Tina Coruth said...


What an interesting list! I would love to tour the observatory. And I also have a very sensitive sense of smell!

Have a great week!


Betty said...

I enjoyed your "O" list, Linda. I'm a little obsessive myself.

PJ said...

I was laughing through your "o" list!! So many apply to me. Especially OBSOLETE -- I am an intense (obsessive?) packrat!!! I MADE myself throw away stuff this summer. But I LOVE it when I pull out something and my grown kids say, "WoW! Nice new...whatever" And I respond. Nope...Old! :)

Organized -- I am least on the surface. (More messy than disorganized)

OVERBOARD!!! I have watched SOOOO many times, I've lost count. Love Goldie Hawn!

Alas...I am not retired...not yet. Maybe I will live by the OCEAN when I retire.

Have a great day.

(Oh yeah...just read your Friday's blog...Would NOT expect someone in another country to learn MY language!! In spite of the fact that I am bilingual and live in the U.S.)