Saturday, July 19

Happy Saturday

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. It is so hot and humid to be outside, so I decided it would be a good day to work on the computer. The past three days I have been cleaning out files. I had years of life insurance policies, car insurance policies, bank statements from the 70's, files from my consulting business, plus a lot of other junk. Are you a pack rat like me or are you good about throw things out?

With so much talk about identity theft, I shredded everything with my name or any other identifying information. I ended with with three full bags of shredded paper and two more bags of junk.

I had stacks of paper in piles all over my bedroom. This pile to shred, this one to throw away, this one to make a new file and this one to just file. These pictures were taken on the third day and I had most of the stuff put away. There was so much shredded paper around my shredder that I kept tracking little pieces throughout the house.

After I got everything put away, dusted and vacuumed my mess I felt really good about my accomplishment. Then this morning I thought I would work with my Paint Shop Pro and develop a new header for my blog. I found some great tutorials that I thought would be a breeze walking me through how to do layers. I don't know what I do wrong, but it just won't work for me.

Then I thought I may be able to add a new background and do another type of header. NOT!! It seems everything I have tried has bombed out. So you can see my nice neat desk is again a mess. My coffee cup from this morning, my ice tea glass, my notebook on how to make changes to a blog and my healthy lunch of graham crackers.

I'm going to continue on with my quest to make something work for me today. I just may clean out my folders on this computer.


Betty said...

My records don't go back as far as the 70's, but I do need to do some shredding of my own.

I'm proud of you for getting all that done, Linda. Sounds like it was a hugh job. You have got to feel better now that it is done.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, you have done a good job with your computer and paper work.. I love our paper shredder and use it everyday to grind up junk mail with my name on it and to get rid of my personal and unwanted mail.

I have had a relaxing day watching movies on Lifetime with hubby and going out early today and getting my nails done.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

You have been busy today! One of these days, I have to do the same job. One of these days....

Graham crackers for lunch? lol. Hope supper was a little more substantial.

Have a great weekend!


Gill said...

Glory be Linda, you make me feel quite exhausted just reading that - I wish I would get some inspiration to do likewise!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I have paint shop pro and I would love to learn what you are talking about!! But you know I try to make a new header and it never works for me either. We need to get together and figure this thing out. My friend Melli from Insanity prevails knows how. Maybe she could meet Would be fun if we all lived closer!! Blessings, Sandy

Marsha said...

Linda, I will come help you with Paint Shop if you will come clean up my computer desk and work area!

Hope you're eating something more than graham crackers today!

Linda said...

Betty, I do feel good now that is behind me.

Baba, I love watching Lifetime movies, but hubby doesn't like them. Many times I end up in the bedroom.

Renie, I had homemade chicken salad for lunch today. I just didn't stop to eat yesterday.

Gill, It wasn't inspiration that motivated me. I just couldn't put anything else in my cabinets.
Sandy, What fun we would have if we lived close.

Sandy, What fun it would be if we lived close.

Marsha, It's a deal!!!

Tina Coruth said...

I confess - I'm a pack rat! What makes it worse is that I get buried in paperwork, junk mail, flyers, and catalogs. I'm getting better about disposing of the junk mail and catalogs. I don't have any money to spend right now, so the catalogs go from the mailbox to the wastebastket. Unfortunately, when it comes to documents of any kind, I am always afraid I might need it some day.

You did an outstanding job! Congratulations!

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