Saturday, June 21

My New Baby

Meet my new baby. I've been wanting a new camera, I just couldn't decide which one to choose. Right now I'm using my Canon A80 which is about 8 or more years old. Before making my choice I read every review on the on-line stores and searched every category I could think of.

Wednesday I drove to the Ritz Camera Store to talk with an informative sales person. I explained what I wanted to do with the camera and he offered a few choices. They were the Nikon, Canon and Sony, all SLR's. He said the new Sony's are excellent. He then showed me some point and shoot cameras with burst mode. I thought only the SLR's offered this feature. He told me they had a mode that would not shoot until the person was smiling and would tell you if they closed their eyes. Can you believe that!! After playing with each camera and lens I thought the Nikon d40 would be my best choice.

Thursday I researched the on-line stores and the local stores (you know who they are) for the best price. I was warned that some of the on-line stores may be cheaper but are grey cameras. I decided to get the camera from Ritz and I am getting the kit lens and the 55x2
00 VR zoom lens. Ritz is having a sale starting Sunday so I was told I could come down and pick mine up on Saturday. They are also offering a few weeks of training. I'll need that. So that is what I did today.

On my way home I stopped by my son's to give his wife, Amber her birthday present. Brian was out riding his dirt bike. Shortly after I got there he called and said he as on his way home, so I decided to stay long enough to see him. I showed him my new camera and he started shooting some pictures. Here is the first picture shot from my new camera. His cat Dot.

After a few more shots of Dot he took several pictures of Katie. I've only included one here.
It wasn't until I got home that I had the opportunity to try out my new baby. Of course, I took a few pictures of CC. I know she looks awful, but she has an appointment with the doggy beauty parlor on Monday. It was about this time my battery went low. The salesperson told me I would need to charge the battery before taking a lot of pictures.

The slr digital camera is so different than my old Canon. It will take some time for me to get use to it and be able to show everyone my pictures. All of these photos were shot with the automatic setting. All the pictures can be enlarged.

That battery should be charged so I'm off to take more pictures.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, Your new baby looks wonderful... I would love to own one of these in the future..I would need classes for sure...start saving my money...have fun with your new camera..thanks for sharing.

Marsha said...

You're going to love this camera and I am really envious! I would love to have a Nikon (I want the D80) but the camera I have now isn't all that old and there are too many other needs/wants on the list before I get around to another camera. I'm using an advanced point and shoot with a lot of manual capability but I can't change lens which is frustrating when I get limited by that.

Now you've got even more reason to work on Paint Shop Pro. (grin)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've really been out of the swing for awhile and it's nice to get back and to see a comment from a familiar "face".

Tina Coruth said...


Wow - that is one nice camera! The photos are great. You sure know how to do your homework. Congratulations!

Have a great Sunday!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Linda,

Wow, nice camera! And what neat features. Nice pictures. Your little dog is adorable!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Nonna said...

Oh Im so happy for you! You will enjoy your new baby so much! I'm still learning different things about mine. I am getting lots of use out of it though having a grandbaby to take pictures of! LOL

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I love a new camera...My digital is just a little thing but I love it because I can carry it in its carrying case and stick it in my purse.
You should see what is going on here today!! Bunch of men got together and are painting our house..Will post on it later. Sandy

Susie said...

What a great new "toy" I know you'll have fun using and sharing said...

You sure did a good job picking out your new camera!! It takes great pictures!
Thanks for all your kind words and prayers for Nancy when she was in the hospital. She is home and taking medicine for her lupus. Love and hugs Grams

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh Wow, I'm impressed. What great shots already. I need to replace my camera but will have to start saving my pennies after the big blow out with all the kids. Stop by and check out our pictures of the Bronx Zoo.

Gill said...

Lucky you! The camera looks gorgeous and it's so nice that they offer some training. A new digi-cam is already on my Christmas list ;-)