Monday, May 19

Whassss Up?

This afternoon I had an appointment with my dermatologist. Did I tell you all that I have yet another skin problem? The week of April 20th I started breaking out with blister type spots. Right when I finally got rid of the other problem. I continued using the medication that was given to me with hopes that it would catch this in time before it began spreading. NOT!!

Today the dermatologist cut yet another part out of my body. This time it is on my right hand. They always want to cut out a piece and send it off to the lab for a biopsy to make sure what they are treating. I go back in two weeks to have the stitches taken out.

I had one very important question today for the dermatologist....Are self-tanners safe and can I use them with this skin problem? The answer was yes, yippee! My entire bod is screaming for a little color. I'm hoping a tan will also make all these blisters be less noticeable or I'll end up looking like a chocolate chip cookie. hehe.

This brings me to a question for you. Do you use self-tanners and if so, what kind do you use? Last year I used a self-tanner from Avon. It was a white lotion that gave me a very gradual tan without streaks over time. I've noticed several lotions at the drug store are now offering this type of tan.

Are you ready for summer and shorts? Do you have any tips for applying self-tanners?


Lori Madison said...

Hi Linda!

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. I am sorry to hear about your skin issues, I am 33 and I break out a lot more then when I was a teenager. I am always a little weary of self- tanners because it is so hard to put them on and not suffer the dreaded streaks. I hope your skin problems will clear up A.S.A.P.!

Renee' said...

Sorry to hear about your skin issues. I've tagged you for a meme: Page 123. Play along only if you want. Take care!

mamichelle said...

Oh, sorry bout your skin issues!!

I use the self tanner you posted the photo of - Jergen's. I like it. It doesn't streak like lots of others and it's pretty natural looking.

Good luck!