Thursday, May 15

Thursday Thirteen

1. Ice cream - I dearly love vanilla ice cream topped with Hershey's syrup. Ice cream has no age restrictions.

2. Iced tea - This is my favorite daytime drink. I can't touch it after 4:00 p.m. because of the caffeine. I've tried the decaf tea, and trust me, it still has enough caffeine to keep me up all night.

3. Identical - My Mom was a twin but they were definitely not identical twins. My aunt Maysel weighed 3 pounds and Mom weighed 2 1/2 pounds at birth. They were born in 1912 so it's a miracle they survived.

4. Iodine - Do you remember when we used iodine to disinfect cuts? Oh had that burned. That's all we had 40 years ago.

5. Image - It amazes me when I hear someone has paid 6 figures for a potato chip that has the image of Elvis it.

6. Impatient - Oh boy, am I ever impatient!!! We live in a time that we all want things NOW!! That is illustrated by our dependency on cell phones and the Internet. When I start a project I want it done NOW....I just hate the waiting.

7. Impulse - I'm an impulse shopper for the big stuff like cars, but I'll worry myself to death about buying a T-shirt.

8. Insomnia - I suffer from this every night! How I would love to be able to go to bed and fall asleep without any medications

9. Independent - When I first got married over 40 years ago I was so dependent on my husband. We divorced after 18 years of marriage. It was then that I had to become independent and continue to be today. I'm the one that runs this house and makes all the important decisions.

10. Inhaler - I developed adult asthma a couple years ago which now requires me to use Advair everyday. I also have a quick action inhaler to use in emergencies. I'm happy to say I have not had to use this one every often. My grandmother on Mom's side had severe asthma that was passed down to me.

11. Intuition - I rely on my intuition a lot since it's most always right.

12. Iron - I use to iron the sheets. Yes I did! Now I don't anything until I'm ready to put it on. Most of my clothes are wash and wear and do not require ironing.

13. Italian - My first husband was a full blooded Italian, making my children 1/2 Italian. Those 18 years of marriage made me a pretty good Italian cook.

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4 comments: said...

I love vanilla ice cream too!! You just read how much Nancy loves tea!!!
I remember iodine too! I was so tickled when Johnson's First aid cream can out and so were my kids!!
Some nights I go right to sleep and others nights are not so easy!! Love and hugs Grams

Renee' said...

Vanilla ice cream is a favorite of mine too! We're planning on making some homemade for Memorial day weekend. I am glad I didn't have to go the iodine route....ouch! Hope you're having a great day!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Linda, you and I have a few of the same things in common..I am also an impatient person , esp. waiting in a line to check out at a store..I get huffy and puffy...I had patience at work ....I am also a impulse buyer and many times I will take something back after I have it at home and don't like it..We are both the same with sleep..I will take a pill to help me when I am very tired..Thanks for sharing yourself.. Hugs, baba

Betty said...

I enjoyed your TT, Linda. I love ice cream, too. It's one of my favorite things to eat. As a matter of fact, I just had some vanilla a little bit ago.