Saturday, May 31

I'm Obsessed

By reading my blog can you tell I have an obsessive personality? I do. My latest obsession is with a new author I was introduced to by one of my girlfriends. The author, Frank Peretti, writes Christian fiction. My friend suggest "The House". My library didn't have this one, but they ordered it for me and it will be here this coming week. I wanted to get started with one of his books so I picked up "The Oath". Since Thursday evening all I've been doing is reading this book. It has been a real page turner.

The story is about Steve Benson, a wildlife biologist, who has come to the remote mountain town of Hyde River to investigate the gruesome death of his brother, Cliff who was camping with his wife Evelyn. It was believed a grizzly was responsible for Cliff's death. Steve hunts down and kills the bear but more people are killed and the bears are exonerated. Benson begins to listen with seriousness to the ravings of an old man, Levi, who says there's a dragon who lives in Saddlehorse Mountain and who lives on sin. Back in the 1880's Hyde River was a booming mining town and something terrible happened and the townspeople signed an oath embracing reason as their god. In more than 100 years, their sins have grown into a monster. Steve is tracking down the dragon. I have about another 100 pages.


Nonna said...

Sounds like a good book! I enjoy reading, but have to be in the mood, and I'm starting to get in the mood again. I love to read christian romance novels. Enjoy your books!

Gill said...

I have the same type of obsession - once I started reading Janette Oke (I go for the gentle romantic types ;-)) I had to read every book she had ever written... Enjoy it - it's harmless fun!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I have read ALL of Frank Peretti's book...But let me tell you I did not LIKE House!! I thought it was awful. You know he can go way out on a limb sometimes I think and with this particular book he did. I just finished reading, "Adam" I liked that one. Also I think my favorite is "Thunder of Heaven" If you have not read those two then you should. said...

I like to read too! Once I get started I want to finished! I like Christian books and Cozy Mystery books. Not gory Mysterys, more like who done its!!
Love and hugs Grams

Renee' said...

He is a great writer! Have you read his The Visitation? Check out; they're making a movie out of The Visitation (and I think The Oath too). Hope you're having a great week!

Tina Coruth said...

Sounds like an interesting book! Thank you for the review!

Anonymous said...

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