Sunday, April 13

Lazy Sunday

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Yesterday was a beautiful day and I spent most of the afternoon working in the yard. Seems like there is always so much to do in the spring. We still need to put the weed protection down and new mulch. I also need to do a little more pruning of the shrubs. Right now they look as if they received a bad hair cut. LOL

Today I have been a couch potato! It's been cool and raining all day. Just the perfect day to OD on Lifetime movies....but nothing is on that interests me. I actually did something this afternoon I haven't done in probably 5 years.....that is take a short nap.

I did watch a good show on the History Channel about the end of time. This topic interests me a lot. I've always thought Jesus would come back during my lifetime and according to this show, that is a possibility. They were also talking about The Rapture. The bible never mentions The Rapture, but I was taught The Rapture would occur and I believe that today. What about you? Do you believe in The Rapture?

Hope all of you have had a nice relaxing Sunday.


Susan said...

We watched an interesting show on the History Channel about what would happen if all humans "left earth". It was really interesting...I didn't hear a rapture comment, but could have missed it.



Flip Flop Floozie said...

Well sure I believe in the rapture and am looking forward to it!!
Did you by any chance see, "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" on Lifetime? I had read the book which was good. It was nice to watch the movie this weekend. It followed right along with the book. If you get a chance watch it.

Hope your day is great..

Blessings, Sandy

Suzy said...

Yes Linda,I do believe in the rapture. I first heard about it when I accepted Christ into my life when I was 7. And I remember those sermons telling us that the world was so bad then that it couldn't get any worse! That was over 50 years ago and look where we are now!
Sorry, didn't mean to preach!

Renee' said...

I would never thought to have considered you a bull dog - lol. I wouldn't have thought I was a lab though either.

Yes, I do believe in the rapture.

Hope you have a great weekend!