Wednesday, April 2

Today is brought to you by the letter

1. E-mail - How did we manage before e-mail? Now if it wasn’t for e-mail we wouldn’t communicate as often with our family and friends.

2. Economics - When I was in high school economics was not a subject that was taught. Looking back I can’t understand why economics was omitted from our curriculum. This is one topic that everyone would benefit from. I can’t remember a time using my trigonometry.

3. Election - This is an election year. I wrote a paragraph on this subject then erased it. It's best keeping my opinions to myself. I will say I’m not excited about this year’s election.

4. Electrician - Hubby was an electrician.

5. Elmer was my Daddy’s name.

6. Elvis was and still is one of my favorite singers.

7. Emotional - Sometimes I get real emotional, especially when I talk about my grandbabies.

8. Employed - Being retired means I am no longer employed. Yippee!!!

9. Empty - Seems like my car is always on empty and then I dread going to the Exxon station.

10. Exercise - I have been doing a regular exercise routine since this past November.

11. Energy - By doing all this exercise I thought I would have more energy by now.

12. Exhausted - After my exercise routine I am totally exhausted.

13. The End


SJ Reidhead said...

Ditto on the last one.

The Pink Flamingo

Kay said...

I can identify with most of your Es. Thanks!

Nicholas said...

I agree with #1. I think e-mail was the most wonderful invention!

SandyCarlson said...

Good ol' Letter E sure can fuel a blog post! Enjoy some reeeeelaxation after all that exercise!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Well done! I am usually exhilarated after working out but today, after riding my bike, I was exhausted. I wondered if I was sick! lol!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Email is wonderful.

I love your tt! :)

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I enjoyed learning more about you from your post today.

It's All Good! said...

Ditto on #3. So thankful for email as well. Great list.
Brenda :)

Nonna said...

Im not excited about this year's election either! And like you, trigonometry hasnt helped me one bit! They need to be teaching kids how to balance a checkbook!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You should be having more energy by now. Do you do straight cardio? That is what Curves is all about keeping your heart rate up for 30 minutes. I have not exercised this week because of my scare from last Friday. I will start back next week.
What a nice mess of E's today. i am up to R's..that was an easy letter this time. Funny how it is with some letters.
Hope you are okay and well today.. So glad that you are not working..Wish that I could say that. Sandy

Renee' said...

Just stopping by to say HI. Hope you're having a good Thursday!

Marina said...

Great list! It's helped me remember that I can always fall back on the trusty alphabet when I'm not feeling super-creative or just not wanting to share any of the ick that may be going on.

Lazy Daisy said...

I enjoyed your "E" List. Seems like our car is always empty too. I proud of you for exercising...I keep hoping the exercise bug will hit me soon.

Susie said...

Hi Linda,
I enjoyed reading your E list. I wouldn't have thought that to be the easiest letter, but you certainly did a good job.
Seems our van is always on empty too and even with the Exxon refinery a couple miles away gas prices are just Exorbitant!!