Thursday, April 24

Thursday Thirteen

We were asked to develop a list of 13 vacation spots. I did this but felt I should also have links so you would know where all my fun places are. I have not had the time to do this. I will try to have this for next week.

This week is brought to you by the Letter G

1. Galaxy - I’ve always been mystified by the stars. Recently I’ve been studying the galaxies and universe. Can you believe some experts think our universe is 156 billion light years wide. My question, what is beyond that measurement?

2. Gamble - I love to gamble. Locally I play Keno. When in Las Vegas it’s the slots or Black Jack.

3. Garbage - Weekly I’m dumbfounded about the amount of garbage we throw out. I don’t recycle, but I use to.

4. Garden - This spring I am wanting to put in a raised bed so I can have a small garden in my backyard. Fresh tomatoes is the absolute best!!

5. German - I am of German descent. Someone tracked our heritage back to the 1700 when the first came to Oil City, PA.

6. Gasoline - The price of gasoline is unbelievable. I don’t know what people like us, who are on fixed incomes are going to do. I’m now evaluating my driving patterns and have reevaluated my gambling. Good news…..while writing this post this morning I received a call from a State program I’m enrolled with, and they said I have won a $50.00 gift card for gasoline!!! Woo Hoo!!!

7. Geology - I took a geology course in college because my husband told me it was an easy A. NOT!! My class was at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. I could care less about this subject. What is so funny about this, my son received his PhD in geology. Who would have thought!

8. Generous - I consider myself a generous person. I enjoy giving to others.

9. Giggle - When I get together with a group of my girlfriends we always get the giggles. What annoys hubby is when I get the giggles while watching TV. Many times something that is said reminds me of something from my past and I’ll giggle until I cry. Giggles are such a good feeling

10. Government - I worked for State Government within the Bureau of Public Health for 23 years. I did not let any moss grow under my feet when I reached eligibility for retirement.

11. Grocery shopping - I hate going grocery shopping so hubby says, “If you will write the list, I’ll go”. Writing the list is actually the hardest part. Seems like I’m always at a loss of what to get. Any more, nothing sounds that great.

12. Grown up - At the age of 60 I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I didn’t think I would still feel like a little girl when I was 60.

13. Graham cracker pie - My favorite pie is graham cracker. I find myself eating it in layers.

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Debora Dennis said...

Hi Linda! I'm German and I love to Giggle too. Not 60 yet, but some days these 44 year old bones think they are :)

Hope you don't mind, I stole your idea for my TT this week (I did give you credit, though :) )

Have a great week! said...

My son in law is German! I giggle too!! I will be 70 and I feel like you do some days!! Some days I feel 90!
You sure do have your blog looking nice!! Do I tell you this every time I come over!! Hmmmm Maybe I am getting older!! LOL love and hugs Grams

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I enjoyed learning more about you through your TT. Congratulations on winning a $50.00 gift card for gasoline. That's like striking it rich.

Marsha said...

It's pretty easy seeing you in most of the words you use to describe yourself on these lists. However, there are some things that I would never have guessed. Like this week, it never occurred to me that you would like to gamble. That's something I am terrible at! I just hate the thoughts of losing money! lol

See ya tomorrow for FF.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

GREAT GIGGLING GRACIOUS GROUP of words today...I love doing the alphabet. The U's were hard and now getting closer to the end of the alphabet it will only get harder. Take care and hope your day is GRAND!! Sandy

Jade, Will and Illy said...

I like your list! I am German also :o) What exactly is graham cracker pie? Sounds yummy...
Also, I think it's great you're still *growing up* at 60- you can never be too old to learn new things and expand your horizons!