Wednesday, March 12

Thursday Thirteen

Today is brought to you by the letter C

1. Catholic - During my first marriage I was a Catholic and both of my children are Catholic.

2. Cell phone - I feel lost if I leave the house without my cell phone.

3. Children - And grandchilden are my greatest gift from God.

4. Clock - I have an obsession with clocks and watches. I have nine substantial clocks in my house and I would be afraid to count the number of watches.

5. Coke - To be more specific, I love diet caffeine-free diet coke. No Pepsi for me.

6. Camera - I continue to lust for an slr digital camera.

7. CD - I've been burning a lot of CD's from the 50's and 60's.

8. Coffee - I must have may coffee as soon as I get out of bed. When I was young I couldn't undestand why anyone would want to drink coffee. I know I'm addicted to the caffeine. I don't particularly care for the specialty coffees.

9. Chocolate - I don't think this needs to be described at all. This is a major food group!!!

10. Clearance - I love a sale. Actually I rarely buy anything at retail.

11. Casino - I love to gamble!!!!

12. Christian - I am proud to say I'm a Christian.

13. CC - How could I do a C list without including my sweet dog, CC.

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Lara Angelina said...

You have many of my favorite C's in there too! Coffee!!! I'm addicted. And I too pretty much just like your plain old run of the mill Juan Valdez Columbia coffee! PLUS -- one of John Lennon's many great quotes!
Great TT and happy Thursday!

Adelle said...

Coffee and Chocolate... enuff said lol Happy T13!

Dette said...

Wow! With that many clocks - you are probably never late, are ya?

Me - always runnin' out the door 5 til.


damozel said...

Very nice list of words beginning with C! Clocks, eh? I like clocks too.

13 Hearts

Skittles said...

I could put a lot of those on my own list. :)

Nonna said...

you've been tagged! visit my blog for details!

Have a great day!

SandyCarlson said...

Marvelous list. Is CC an abbreviation?

Linda said...

Sandycarolson - CC could be an abbreviation for Chinese Crested or Clumsy C(k)lutz. Her mother is a Chinese Crested hairless and her dad a traveling salesman. When we got her she was so clumsy and we kept calling her clumsy klutz. Because of these two things, her name became CC.

Anonymous said...

Amen to # 5 & 9!
Diet Coke & Chocolate!
Have a fab week! C-yz next TT

The Gal Herself said...

I take my Coke VERY seriously, too. Only I'm a Classic Coke girl myself. But, like you, Pepsi will never do! (Thanks for visiting my TT)

Betty said...

I enjoyed reading more about you, Linda. I, too, like the Diet Caffine Free Coke. No Pepsi for me either.

Melanie said...

An interesting list for sure! I could put a lot of those on my list too.

Lazy Daisy said...

Chocolate and coffee...what could be better. I think I have a clock in every room and always have a watch on.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What sweet pictures of your grands and daughter below!! How beautiful your new granddaughter is. I just love her name.
You are doing the alphabet thing now. See I am just behind. I hope to get caught up one of these days! I am trying. Need to get to cleaning. Hope your day is great. Sandy

Sanni said...

Excellent list of "C"s - coffee, chocolate, REAL coke, children and CC... I ♥ it!

Happy belated TT!