Tuesday, March 18

The following comment is not to insult Carolyn Jones in any way! Priscilla looked as if she was preparing for a colonoscopy opposed to preparing to dance. In all the shots of her prior to her dance, I kept saying, who does she look like. Then it came to me......Morticia. Take a look at both pictures. Don't you agree with me? And, what's with that black lipstick she wears? She looked as if she was thinking, 'if I smile my face will break'.

I'm writing this post while watching "Dancing With the Stars". Priscilla just completed her dance, the fox trot and did a good job. It was very basic with no frills. She received an 8, which I think is the highest score so far with the women.

I'm going to hit publish so I can finish watching the show.


Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but I am really into American Idol. I got interested in that show last season and now I always look forward to it.

Thank you for visiting me today and leaving a comment.

Marsha said...

I thought the judges were far too lenient with Priscilla tonight. She was better than I expected but I didn't think she deserved the three eights she got from the judges compared to the scores they handed out to the others.

As for her looks, is it just me or did she have an obviously bad face lift at some point in time? If so, it's a real shame because I thought she was more attractive before than after.

That said, I'll give her props for having the guts to do this competition. All of them deserve that but some are obviously more comfortable than others dancing on that stage.

Nonna said...

I agree, she does look like Morticia!! LOL

Linda said...

Marsha, I agree the 8 was very generous for Priscilla and she did a better job than I expected. During her interview at the end of her dance she seemed genuinely nervous.

I'm not anti Priscilla by any means. I am just shocked how bad she looks.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

We were watching that too and then flipping back to american idol also. I was so thinking that something was wrong with her face around her nose and lips. I am wondering if she has had some surgery and so she looks like she has not real expressions. i know she never looked like that before. I know she is of course getting older but something was different about her face..hm..Sandy

Susie said...

I think Priscilla had a face lift that had something go wrong!!
She looks so plastic and like she can't smile at all. I don't think she deserved the scores she was given.
She really does look like Morticia!!

PYB Design said...

Morticia Adams!!! Absolutely! ;-)

Please play with me, Linda!
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Susan said...

I haven't gotten into this show from the beginning. I usually watch it at the end.


Sonya said...

I don't watch this show but I did see Priscilla on tv recently at a basketball game when our UT Vols played Vanderbilt. She looked awful and I wondered the same thing. Why does she wear that funky make up and black clothes all the time? Strange. And it's a shame because she's a pretty woman.